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Alconbury 1967

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Date: 20 May 1967

Made by: John Richards, John Dyer

Updated: 4 September 2001

RF-4Cs of 10TRW (polished metal finish) uncoded: 

RF-4C (camo) uncoded: 

24461         T-39A		10TRW
60206         RF-101C		66TRW
0-63418       F-100D		48TFW
61605         T-33A		10TRW 
61602	      T-33A		10TRW 
WT503         Canberra PR7	58sq
XS774         Bassett CC1	SCS
XR716/F       Lightning F3	111sq
XM715         Victor SR2 	543sq
XS604         Andover C1	46sq
XG170/52      Hunter F6		229OCU
XE656/56      Hunter F6		229OCU
XL230         Victor SR2	543sq
XJ729         Whirlwind HAR10	202sq D Flt
XP619/40      Jet Provost T4	2FTS
XS212/40      Jet Provost T4	CFS/Red Pelicans
XS213/46      Jet Provost T4	CFS/Red Pelicans
XS225/47      Jet Provost T4	CFS/Red Pelicans
XS226/42      Jet Provost T4	CFS/Red Pelicans
XS229/49      Jet Provost T4	CFS/Red Pelicans
???           Hunter (flying) 
G-AEOF 	      ???
57-0046	      B-45A		dumped
54-0503	      B-66B		dumped

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