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Yeovilton 1976

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Date: 4 September 1976

Made by: Peter Nicholson


WF137           Sea Prince C.1
WG655           Sea Fury T.20
WH730/853       Canberra T.22           FRADU
WH801/850       Canberra T.22           FRADU
WH803/856       Canberra T.22           FRADU
WJ350           Sea Prince C.2
WJ636/842       Canberra TT.18          FRADU
WJ874/858       Canberra T.4            FRADU
WJ921/F         Varsity T.1             6 FTS
WK126/843       Canberra TT.18          FRADU
WM292/841       Meteor TT.20
WP906           Chipmunk T.10
WT804/831       Hunter GA.11            FRADU
WT806/838       Hunter GA.11            FRADU
WV267/836       Hunter GA.11            FRADU
WW654/833       Hunter GA.11            FRADU
XA454/264       Gannet COD.4
XG737/438       Sea Venom FAW.22
XJ481           Sea Vixen FAW.1
XL494           Gannet AEW.3            849 Sqn
XL503/070       Gannet AEW.3            849 Sqn
XL580           Hunter T.8              FRADU
XM597           Vulcan B.2              50 Sqn
XN982           Buccaneer S.2           809 Sqn
XP118/664       Wessex HAS.3            737 Sqn
XR752/H         Lightning F.6           5 Sqn
XR760/G         Lightning F.6           5 Sqn
XS491/WZ        Wessex HU.5             707 Sqn
XS498/WQ        Wessex HU.5             707 Sqn
XS508/WP        Wessex HU.5             707 Sqn
XS512/WT        Wessex HU.5             707 Sqn
XS517/WV        Wessex HU.5             707 Sqn
XS522/347       Wessex HU.5             826 Sqn
XS590/131       Sea Vixen FAW.2
XT455/P         Wessex HU.5             845 Sqn
XT463/VS        Wessex HU.5             846 Sqn
XT469/514       Wessex HU.5             772 Sqn
XT475/WL        Wessex HU.5             707 Sqn
XT476/WS        Wessex HU.5             707 Sqn
XT479/WX        Wessex HU.5             707 Sqn
XT483/WU        Wessex HU.5             707 Sqn
XT486/WW        Wessex HU.5             707 Sqn
XT756/WM        Wessex HU.5             707 Sqn
XT760/VA        Wessex HU.5             846 Sqn
XT761/VU        Wessex HU.5             846 Sqn
XT763/515       Wessex HU.5             772 Sqn
XT771/WK        Wessex HU.5             707 Sqn
XV176           Hercules C.1            LTW
XV238           Nimrod MR.1             St. Mawgan Wing
XV359           Buccaneer S.2           809 Sqn
XV649           Sea King HAS.1          706 Sqn
XV657           Sea King HAS.1          706 Sqn
XV867/023       Buccaneer S.2           809 Sqn
XW884/41        Gazelle HT.2            705 Sqn
XW890/53        Gazelle HT.2            705 Sqn
XW907/40        Gazelle HT.2            705 Sqn
XX391           Gazelle HT.2            705 Sqn
XX749/21        Jaguar GR.1             226 OCU
XZ228           Lynx HAS.2
159457          F-14A Tomcat            VF-143
159576/AE-501	A-6E Intruder           VA-176
BA-05           Mirage 5BA              1 Sqn/3 Wing
BD-05           Mirage 5BD              8 Sqn/1 Wing
ST-14           SF.260MB
ST-16           SF.260MB
ST-17           SF.260MB
AT-154          Sk-35XD Draken          Esk 729
34              Etendard IV.M           11F
40              MS.760 Paris
60              Etendard IV.M           11 F
22+24           F-104G Starfighter      MFG-1
22+80           F-104G Starfighter      MFG-1
59+08           Do.28D-2 Skyservant	MFG-1
K-4006          NF-5B

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