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Leuchars 1973

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Date: 15 September 1973

Made by: Jo

Updated: 14 April 1999

Basset CC Mk.1          XS784  207 Sdn. 
Bulldog T Mk.1          XX522  4/2 FTS. 
Canberra T Mk.17        WJ625  D/360 Sdn. 
Chipmunk T Mk.10        WD388  East Lowland UAS. 
Devon C Mk.2/2          VP963  21 Sdn. 
2 Gnat T Mk.1s          XR537/37  XS102/58  4 FTS. 
2 Harrier GR Mk.1As     XV795/F  XV739/V  1 Sdn. 
Hunter T Mk.7           XL573  97/4 FTS. 
Jet Provost T Mk.5      XW371  76/1 FTS. 
Javelin FAW Mk.9        XH897  A Sdn, A&AEE. 
Lightning F Mk.1A       XM169  W/23 Sdn. 
Phantom FG Mk.1         XV579  R/43 Sdn. 
Shackleton AEW Mk.2     WL757  8 Sdn. 
Varsity T Mk.1          WF369  K/AE&AES. 
Victor K Mk.1A          XH618  57 Sdn. 
Vulcan B Mk.2           XM597  Scampton Wing. 
F.27M                   C-9  334 Sdn. 
F-4D                    65-0659  'LN', 48 TFW. 

Lightning F Mk.1A       XM178  K/23 Sdn. 
3 Lightning F Mk.6s     XR758/E  XR723/K  XS927/O  23 Sdn. 
2 Phantom FG Mk.1s      XV592 R/004  XT860 R/014  892 Sdn. 

Other aircraft on field: 
HS.125 CC Mk.2          XX508  32 Sdn. 
Hunter T Mk.7           XL597  87/4 FTS. 
6 Lightning F Mk.6s     XR752/G  XR754/D  XR756/M  XS895/N  XS936/B 23 Sdn. 
Lightning T.5           XS417/Z 
2 Phantom FG.1s         XT857/U  XT866/W  PTF. 
3 Phantom FG.1s         XV580/Q  XV582/F  XV585/P  43 Sqn 
Spitfire IX             TB252/GW-H  gate 
Spitfire XIX            PS915 
3 Whirlwind HAR Mk.10s  XD186  XJ723  XP404  C Flight 202 Sdn. 
2 Phantom FG Mk.1s      XT868 R/006  XV590 R/012  892 Sdn. 

Flying display: 
Argosy C Mk.1           XR105  ETPS. 
Belfast C.1             XR365  53 Sqn 
Canberra PR Mk.9        XH168  39 Sdn. 
4 Chipmunk T Mk.10s     WB652  WK554  WK581  WP808  East Lowlands UAS. 
Chipmunk T Mk.10        WK572  12 AEF. 
Dominie T Mk.1          XS733 CAW. 
4 Gannets AEW3          XL449/R-043, XL480/LM-761, XL481/LM-760, XL502/R-044 all 849sqn 
Gannet AEW3             XL476?/LM-763 
Hercules C Mk.1         XV181  LTW. 
Hunter F Mk.6           XK141  51/79 Sdn 229 OCU. 
4 Hunter F Mk.6s        XF383/72  XF509/73  XG185/74  XE656/76  4 FTS. 
Hunter T Mk.7           XL566  86/4 FTS. 
4 Lightning F Mk.6s     XR753/A  XS937/C  XR760/H  XS935/J  23 Sdn. 
Nimrod MR Mk.1          XV244  Kinloss Wing. 
4 Phantom FG Mk.1s      XV571/A  XV574/B  XV582/F  XV577/M  43 Sdn. 
Phantom FG Mk.1         XV570  Y/PTF. 
Spitfire PR Mk.19       PS853  B0B Flight. 
VC.10 C Mk.1            XV104  10 Sdn. 
Victor SR Mk.2          XM718  543 Sdn. 
Vulcan B Mk.2           XM648  Waddington Wing. 
3 Buccaneer S Mk.2s     XT273 R/025  XV337 R/026  XV344 R/034  809 Sdn. 
7 Phantom FG Mk.1s      XT869 R/002  XT865 R/003  XT872 R/005  XT863 R/007 XV588 R/010  
				XT859 R/011  XT867 R/013  892 Sdn. 
Sea King HAS Mk.1       XV707 PW/10  819 Sdn. 
F-111E                  68-0049  'UH', 20 TFW. 
3 CM.170-1s             MT-12 (c/n 269)  MT-15 (272)  MT-18 (275)  BAF, Les Diables Rouge. 
F-104G                  D-6654  322/323 Sdn. 

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