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Leuchars 1974

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Date: 14 September 1974

Made by:


Belfast C Mk.1          XR371  53 Sdn, Brize Norton. 
Buccaneer S Mk.2A       XV345  237 OCU, Honington. 
Bulldog T Mk.1          XX526  8/2 FTS, The Bulldogs. 
Canberra T Mk.19        WJ975  X/100 Sdn, West Raynham. 
Dominie T Mk.1          XS728  E/6 FTS. 
Gnat T Mk.1             XP503  03/4 FTS, Valley. 
Harrier GR Mk.1         XV788  11/1 Sdn. 
Hunter T Mk.7           XL597  87/4 FTS. 
Jaguar GR Mk.1          XX735  Jaguar OCU, recent delivery. 
Jet Provost T Mk.5      XW404  77/1 FTS, Linton-on-Ouse. 
Jetstream T Mk.1        XX481  81/5 FTS, Oakington. 
Phantom FGR Mk.2        XV418  41 Sdn, Coningsby. 
Shackleton AEW Mk.2     WR960  8 Sdn. 
Spitfire PR Mk.19       PS915  Ex West Malling, 7711M/7548M. 
Victor K Mk.1A          XH616  57 Sdn, Marham. 
Sea King HAS Mk.1       XV707 PW/310  819 Sdn, Prestwick. 
Mirage F.1              24  30-FB/ECTT.3/30, Rheims. 

Lightning F Mk.6        XS899  E/23 Sdn. 
Phantom FG Mk.1         XV572  N/43 Sdn. 
Spitfire LF Mk.16E      TE311  Ex Benson? 7241M. 
Phantom FG Mk.1         XT870 R/001  892 Sdn. 

Other aircraft on field:
Andover C Mk.1          XS612  46 Sdn. 
3 Bulldog T Mk.1s       XX519/1  XX523/5  XX528/10  2 FTS, The Bulldogs. 
Bulldog T Mk.1          XX611  04/GSUAS. 
2 Devon C Mk.2/2s       VP965  VP974  207 Sdn, Northolt. 
Gnat T Mk.1             XR955  CFS, The Red Arrows. 
2 Harrier GR Mk.1s      XV747/29  XV756/34  233 OCU. 
Hastings T Mk.5         TG503  230 OCU, Scampton. 
Hercules C Mk.1         XV192  LTW. 
HS.125 CC Mk.2          XX508  32 Sdn. 
2 Jet Provost T Mk.4s   XR667/P  XP686/S  6 FTS. 
Lightning F Mk.3        XP706  R/23 Sdn. 
Lightning T Mk.5        XS419  T/23 Sdn. 
2 Lightning F Mk.3s     XP696  XR716  2T Sdn 226 OCU. 
6 Lightning F Mk.6s     XR753/A  XS936/B  XS937/C  XR760/H  XR770/L XR756/M  23 Sdn. 
12 Phantom FG Mk.1s     XV571/A  XV574/B  XV575/C  XV576/D  XV581/E XV583/G  XT874/J  XV573/L 
				XV577/M  XV578/O XV585/P XV579/R  43 Sdn. 
3 Phantom FG Mk.1s      XT857/U  XT866/W  XV569/X  Phantom Training Flt. 
Varsity T Mk.1          WF335  Ex J/6 FTS, camo. Destined for fire pit. 
3 Whirlwind HAR Mk.10s  XD165  XD186  XP403  C Flt 202 Sdn. 
7 CM.170-1s             MT-5 (262)  MT-6 (263)  MT-11 (268) MT-15 (272)  MT-18 (275)  MT-21
				(278) MT-32 (289)  CPV, Les Diables Rouge. 
F.27M                   C-5  334 Sdn. 
F-104G                  D-8311  322/323 Sdn, Leeuwarden. 

Flying display: 
Jaguar GR Mk.1          XX734  JOCU, recent delivery. 
Nimrod MR Mk.1          XV247  Kinloss Wing. 
Vulcan B Mk.2           XM652  Waddington Wing. 

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