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North Weald 1993

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Date: 16 May 1993

Made by: Scramble


TB382                 Spitf LF16e   'X4277/XT-M'
G-ALYW                Comet 1       'XV238'

Jet Pan:
WH646/EG              Canberra T17A 360sq
ZD404/H, ZD405/N      Harrier GR7   20sq
XX195/CA              Hawk T1A      100sq
XX230                 Hawk T1A      19sq
XX281/O               Hawk T1A      92sq
XX741/EJ              Jaguar GR1A   6sq
XX842/EW              Jaguar T2A    6sq
XW217/CS              Puma HC1      33sq
ZE737/FF              Tornado F3    25sq
ZF202/202, ZF338/338  Tucano T1     3FTS
XV726/J               Wessex HC2    72sq
G-BCIH                Chipmunk T10  'WD363/5'
G-BOOM                Hunter T7
G-BRVG                SNJ-7         '90678/27'
G-BTYL                Hunter T7     'XL595/78'
G-DAKS                Dakota C3     'TS423'
G-LOSM                Meteor NF11   'WM167'
G-MOUR                Gnat T1       "XR991"
N33VC                 T-33A         '54-21261'
N167B                 A-26B         '434602/S'
SE-DXY                Vampire FB6   'L-A'

PA474/PM-M            Lancaster B1  BoBMF
XV185/185             Hercules C1P  LTW
G-BEDF                B-17G         '124485/DF-A'

Warbird Park:
WB271/204-R           Firefly AS5   FAAHF
LS326/L2              Swordfish 2   FAAHF
PM631/N               Spitfire PR19 BoBMF
PZ865/J               Hurricane 2c  BoBMF
F-AZED                AD-4NA        '126922/JS-937'
G-ASJV                Spitfire HF9b 'MH434/AV-H'
G-AZSC                Harvard 2B
G-BDAM                Harvard 2B    'FE992/K-T'
G-BIXL                P-51D         '472216/AJ-L'
G-BIWX                Harvard 4     'FT239'
G-BLSC                PBY-5A
G-BOML                Ha11120-M1L   '14'
G-BPHZ                MS505         'TA+RC'
G-BTTA                Fury FB10     '115'
G-BTDP                TBM-3R        '53319/RB-319'
G-CJCI                P2-06         'CC+43'
G-CTKL                Harvard 2B    '54137/69'
G-LFIX                Spitfire Mk9  'ML407/OU-V'
G-OYAK                Yak-11        '27'
G-OXVI                Spitf LF16e   'TD248/D'
G-SPIT                Spitfire FR14 'MV293/OI-C'
G-TRIX                Spitfire Mk9  'PV202/VZ-M'
G-XVIA                Spitf LF16e   'RW382/NG-C'
LN-AMY                AT-6D         'TA-849'
N51RR                 P-51D         '474008/VF-R'
N167F                 P-51D         'QV-S'
N365F                 Fury FB10     '361'
N3145X                P-38J         '67543/MC-O'
N5063N                BeechD18S     'HB275'
NL1051S               P-51D         '511371/VF-S'
NX55JP                FG-1D         '17640/1'

WM224                 Meteor TT20   in primer
WM367                 Meteor NF13   store
WV499/G-P             Provost T1    store
XN691/247-H           SeaVixen FAW2 preserv
U-1234                Vampire T55   store
G-APRJ                Lincoln B2    dump
G-ARDE                Dove 6
G-AWHB                C2111D        store
G-BBMV                Chipmunk T10  'WG348'
G-BFHG                C352L         'VK+AZ'
G-BKCK                Harvard 4     'P5865/LE-W'
G-BLSD                Venom FB54    'J-1758'
G-BPOA                Meteor T7     'WF877'
G-BRAM                MiG-21PF      '503'
G-PROV                Jet Prov T52A
G-TEAC                AT-6D         '889696/688'
N18V                  UC-43         'DR628/PB-1'
N159JC                L-39ZO        ex ChadAF
N232J                 Sea Fury FB11 '232'
N1042B                B-25J         '430823/69'
N2700/G-BLSW/3C-ABA   C-119F        stored
N3455                 C-47B
N8389H                C-45H
N9089Z                TB-25J        '44-30861'

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