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Leuchars 1998

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Date: 12 September 1998

Made by: Mark Hawthorn, Andy Walker, Frank Wiel


140113                CP-140            415sq 
ET-626                F-16B             Esk727/nb 
E-199                 F-16A             Esk727 
45+93                 Tornado           AG51             tiger mks 
46+18                 Tornado           MFG2 
57+04                 Do228             MFG3 
61+11                 Atlantique        MFG3 
MM54490/61-34         MB-339A           61 St 
MM54538               MB-339A           61 St 
MM7189/51-57          AMX               51 St 
MM7192/51-50          AMX               51 St 
MM7211/36-16          Tornado ADV       36 St 
J-652                 F-16B             306sq 
D-663                 CH-47D            298sq 
B-48                  Bo105CB           299sq 
R-02                  AB412SP           SAR Flight 
305                   P-3C              MARPAT 
279                   SH-14D            MARHELI 
91-0024               F-16D             141 Filo 
88-0014               F-16D             141 Filo 
XX663/01              Bulldog T1        ELUAS/AStDUAS 
WJ880                 Canberra                           nose only 
ZA947/YS-H            Dakota            BoBMF 
ZD347/14              Harrier GR7       20(R)sq 
KF584                 Harvard           P/O 
XX183                 Hawk T1           208(R)sq  
XX323                 Hawk T1A          74(R)sq 
XX325/CE              Hawk T1           100sq 
XV291                 Hercules C1       LTW 
XX119/GD              Jaguar GR1A       54sq 
XX117/EB              Jaguar GR1A       6sq/nb 
XR713/C               Lightning F3      111sq mks 
XM191                 Lightning         EPTU             nose only 
ZD273                 Lynx AH7          655sq 
XV227                 Nimrod MR2P       MRW 
XV582/M               Phantom FGR2      111sq mks        special black c/s 
XW207                 Puma HC1          230sq 
XW211/AC              Puma HC1          72sq 
ZH105                 Sentry AEW1       8/23sq 
MK673/SK-E            Spitfire LVXVIe   EP&TU 
ZJ255                 Squirrel HT1      DHFS 
ZA559/AD              Tornado GR4       9sq 
ZD847/AA              Tornado GR4       9sq 
ZE158/Z               Tornado F3        111sq 
ZE810/HP              Tornado F3        111sq 
ZE968/GN              Tornado F3        43sq 
ZD950                 Tristar KC1       216sq 
XV102                 VC-10 C1K         10sq 
XV726/J               Wessex HC2        72sq 
81-0966/SP            A-10A             81st FS 
82-0656/SP            A-10A             81st FS 
87-0121               KC-10A            305th AMW 
95-0104               C-17A             437th AW 
63-7852               C-130E            815th ALS 
58-0092               KC-135R           133rd ARS/NH ANG 
63-8017               KC-135R           351st ARS 
86-0156/LN            F-15C             493th FS 
86-0164/LN            F-15C             '493FS' 

Red Arrows:           XX227, 233, 237, 252, 253, 264, 266, 292, 306, 307    
Patrouille de France: E122, E138/0, E26/1, E128/2, E81/3, E104/4, E120/5, E158/6, E153/7, E151/8,E165/9 
AT26, AT25            Alpha Jet         1w                 AT25 in special mks 
4/5-OD                Mirage 2000C      EC02.005 
510/5-OQ              Mirage 2000B      EC02.005 
F211/64-GK            C-160R            ET01.064 
J-364, J-236          F-16A             323sq              special mks 
L-10, L-11            PC-7              131EMVOsq 
ZE700                 BAe146            32(TR)sq 
XZ339                 Gazelle AH1 
ZD402/31              Harrier GR7       20(R)Sqn 
ZD433/45              Harrier GR7       20(R)Sqn 
XV206                 Hercules C1       LTW                with the Falcons 
XV210                 Hercules C1       LTW 
PZ865                 Hurricane         BoBMF 
XZ391/A               Jaguar GR1A       16(R)sq 
PA474/WS-J            Lancaster         BoBMF 
XV236                 Nimrod MR2P       42(R)sq 
XV663/PW-706          Sea King HAS6     819sq      
XZ588                 Sea King HAR3     202sq 
PS915                 Spitfire          BoBMF 
ZA321/B-58            Tornado GR1       TTTE 
ZA322/B-50            Tornado GR1       TTTE 
ZE764/DH              Tornado F3        11sq 
ZF292                 Tucano T1         1FTS 
96-0007               C-17              437 AMW            from/to Farnborough 
"472218"/WZ-I         P-51D             Priv               "Big Beautifull Doll" 
"KF554/RAI-X          Harvard T.4?      Priv 

Tornado ASF Hangar: 
ZE562/WK              Vigilant          662VGS 
ZE941/GI              Tornado F3        43sq 
XX522/06              Bulldog T1        ELUAS/AStDUAS 

Flightline Hangar: 
XX638                 Bulldog T1        ADStA UAS 
XX527/05              Bulldog T1        ADStA UAS 
ZD812/BW              Tornado GR1       14sq 
ZE342/HW              Tornado F3        111sq 
ZE257/HN              Tornado F3        111sq 
ZG731/BL              Tornado F3        29sq 
ZE338/HG              Tornado F3        111sq 
ZG797/BF              Tornado F3        29sq 
LS326/L2              Swordfish         RNHF 

43sq HAS Area: 
XT867/BH              Phantom FG1       stored 111sq mks 
XV577/AM              Phantom FG1       stored 43sq mks 
XV586/AJ              Phantom FG1       preserved 43sq mks 
XT903/X               Phantom FGR2      stored 56sq mks 

UAS Hanger: 
XX538/03              Bulldog T1 
XX693/07              Bulldog T1 

Main gate: 
XT864/BJ              Phantom FG1       111sq mks 

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