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Lyneham 1992

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Date: 19 June 1992

Made by: Colin Norwood


51+05           C160D Transall          LTG62          
160625 BH       KC130R Hercules         VMGR-252       
XZ431  431      Buccaneer S2B           12Sqn          
ZD983  BF       Chinook HC1             7Sqn           
XS736  S        Dominie T1              6FTS           
ZD402  04       Harrier GR5             1Sqn           
ZD461  01       Harrier GR7             1Sqn           
XX163           Hawk T1A                CFS            
XX224           Hawk T1A                CFS            
XX312           Hawk T1A                100Sqn         
XX745  04       Jaguar GR1A             16Sqn          
XX965  07       Jaguar GR1A             16Sqn          
XW330  82       Jet Provost T5A	        1FTS           
XV248  48	Nimrod MR2P    		Kinloss        
XW229  DB       Puma HC1                33Sqn          
       P        Spitfire                BBMF           
ZG713  G        Tornado GR1A   	        13Sqn          
ZF338  338      Tucano T1               1FTS           
XM717           Victor K2               55Sqn          
XR518           Wessex HC2              22Sqn          
XT603  WF       Wessex HC2              2FTS           
C-FNRC          CC109                   NRC-CNRC       
G-AORG          Heron                   Jersey Airlines

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