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Biggin Hill 1954

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Date: September 1954

Made by: John Chapman


44-61780	KB-29P		USAF - 420th ARSe
51-049          SA-16A          USAF - 84th ARS
51-2404         B-47E           USAF
51-12566        C-119C          USAF - 582nd ARG?
51-17416        T-33A           USAF
19342           Sabre 4         RCAf, North Luffenham wing
X6745           Oxford T.2
FT445           Harvard T.2
HN205           Oxford T.2
LX162           Oxford T.2
RA665           Lincoln B2
SZ567           Sunderland MR.5
TK596           Mosquito TT.35
VF546           Auster AOP.6
VM390           Anson C.19
VP519           Anson C.19
WB534           Devon C.1
WB984           Sedburgh TX.1
WD995           Canberra B.2
WD262           Chipmunk T.10   LUAS
WD285           Chipmunk T.10   LUAS
WE843           Vampire FB.5
WE926           Meteor F.8              
WF654           Meteor F.8              
WF659           Meteor F.8              
WF711           Meteor F.8
WG147           Balliol T.1
WG306           Chipmunk T.10   LUAS
WH460           Meteor F.8
WH842           Canberra T.4    231-OCU
WH843           Canberra T.4    231-OCU
WH844           Canberra T.4    231-OCU
WH847           Canberra T.4    231-OCU
WH863           Canberra B.2
WJ333           Hastings C.2    99 sqdn (GAL)
WJ629           Canberra B.2
WJ727           Canberra B.2
WK207           Swift F.1       54 sqdn (N)
WK970           Meteor F.8
WL139           Meteor F.8
WM511           Sea Venom NF.20
WM513           Sea Venom NF.20
WM514           Sea Venom NF.20
WM515           Sea Venom NF.20
WM516           Sea Venom NF.20 
WN495           Dragonfly HR.3  RNAS Ford
WR961           Shackleton MR.2
WS741           Meteor NF.12
WV558           Provost T.1
WX547           Neptune MR.1    36 sqdn
WZ878           Chipmunk T.10   LUAS
XA158           Sea vampire T.22

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