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Culdrose 1977

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Date: 27 July 1977

Made by: Eric Tammer

Updated: &bnsp;

XP558  		JP
XS545 507  	Wasp HAS1
AB910  		Spitfire
LS326 5A  	Swordfish
XL494 LM  	Gannet AEW3
WB271 204  	Firefly
WB531  		Devon
XK869  		Sea Devon
XN982  		Bucc  		809sq
XV358  		Bucc  		809sq
XV277  		Harr A&AEE
XT868 R001  	Phantom FG1  	892sq
XV587 R010  	Phantom FG1  	892sq
XZ23. BM333  	Lynx HAS2
XZ231 VL742  	Lynx HAS2
XX515 7   	Bulldog  	(The Bulldogs)
XX532 12  	Bulldog  	(The Bulldogs)
XX516 10  	Bulldog  	(The Bulldogs)
WT804 VL831  	Hunter GA11  	FRADU
WW654 VL833  	Hunter GA11  	FRADU
XE682 VL835  	Hunter GA11  	FRADU
WC267 VL836  	Hunter GA11  	FRADU
WT806 VL838  	Hunter GA11  	FRADU
XV240  		Nimrod
XM296  		Sea Heron
WR 66-7566  	F-4D 		81TFW
WR 66-7559  	F-4D 		81TFW
UH 67-121  	F-111E  	20TFW
16047 241  	Harvard  	RNoAF  (G-BDAM)
XX431 CU	Gazelle HT2  	705sq
XX391 CU56	Gazelle HT2  	705sq
XX410 CU58	Gazelle HT2  	705sq
XX397 CU43	Gazelle HT2  	705sq
XW861 CU59	Gazelle HT2  	705sq
XW863 CU42	Gazelle HT2  	705sq
XW860 CU44	Gazelle HT2  	705sq
XW865 CU47	Gazelle HT2  	705sq
XW895 CU51	Gazelle HT2  	705sq
XW866 CU48	Gazelle HT2  	705sq
XW857 CU55	Gazelle HT2  	705sq
XW984 CU52	Gazelle HT2  	705sq
XW884 CU41	Gazelle HT2  	705sq
XW854 CU46	Gazelle HT2  	705sq
XW890 CU53	Gazelle HT2  	705sq
XW894 CU  	Gazelle HT2  	705sq
WF118 CU569  	Sea Prince T1  	750sq
WF122 CU575  	Sea Prince T1  	750sq
WF133 CU577  	Sea Prince T1  	750sq
WP309 CU570  	Sea Prince T1  	750sq
WP308 CU572  	Sea Prince T1  	750sq
WP320 CU573  	Sea Prince T1  	750sq
WM735 CU578  	Sea Prince T1  	750sq
WM739 CU574  	Sea Prince T1  	750sq
XZ575 BL410  	Sea King HAS2  	820sq
XZ576 BL411  	Sea King HAS2  	820sq
XV647 BL412  	Sea King HAS2  	820sq
XV671 BL413  	Sea King HAS2  	820sq
XV712 H263  	Sea King HAS1/2	814sq
XV646 H264  	Sea King HAS1/2	814sq
XV670 H265  	Sea King HAS1/2	814sq
XV675 H266  	Sea King HAS1/2	814sq
XV706 H267  	Sea King HAS1/2	814sq
XV677 H270  	Sea King HAS1/2	814sq
XV672 H271  	Sea King HAS1/2	814sq
XV663 CU590  	Sea King HAS1  	706sq
XV648 CU591  	Sea King HAS1  	706sq
XV649 CU592  	Sea King HAS1  	706sq
XV654 CU593  	Sea King HAS1  	706sq
XV653 CU594  	Sea King HAS1  	706sq
XV660 CU595  	Sea King HAS1  	706sq
XV657 CU596  	Sea King HAS1  	706sq
XV709 CU597  	Sea King HAS1  	706sq
XV666 CU598  	Sea King HAS1  	706sq
XV698 R050  	Sea king HAS2  	824sq
XV673 R054  	Sea king HAS2  	824sq
XZ577 R052  	Sea king HAS2  	824sq
XZ578 R055  	Sea king HAS2  	824sq
XZ571 TG140  	Sea King HAS2  	826sq
XZ573 TG141  	Sea King HAS2  	826sq
XZ574 TG143  	Sea King HAS2  	826sq 
XS889 CU523	Wessex HAR3  	771sq
XS873 CU525	Wessex HAR3  	771sq
XS886 CU527	Wessex HAR3  	771sq
XS866 CU520	Wessex HAR3  	771sq
XS150 CU524	Wessex HAR3  	771sq
XS868 CU526	Wessex HAR3  	771sq
XS817 CU528	Wessex HAR3  	771sq
XS848 CU530	Wessex HAR3  	771sq
XS882  		Wessex HAR3  	771sq
XN647 SAH10  	Sea Vixen
XJ513 SAH13  	Sea Vixen
XN692 SAH17  	Sea Vixen

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