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Kidlington 1960

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Date: 7 May 1960

Made by: John Chapman


WD333           Chipmunk T.10
WD373           Chipmunk T.10
WK513           Chipmunk T.10
7437M           Chipmunk T.10		(ex WP773)
CF-FNM          Aeronca Sedan
D-EBEV          Multoplan
G-ACLL          Leopard Moth
G-ADUR          Hornet Moth
G-AFHS          Swallow 2
G-AFSC          Tipsy Trainer 1
G-AGVG          Auster J-1
G-AGVN          Auster J-1
G-AGYL          Auster J-1
G-AHAP          Auster J-1
G-AHGA          Proctor 1
G-AHKB          Dragon Rapide           Vickers- Armstrong
G-AHSO          Auster J-1N
G-AIGR          Auster J-1
G-AIRB          Auster J-1
G-AIXD          Tiger Moth
G-AJDX          Auster J-1
G-AJEB          Auster J-1N
G-AJFC          Messenger 2A
G-AJIY          Auster J-1
G-AJKL          Messenger 2A
G-AJKT          Messenger 2A
G-AJPI          F.24W Argus
G-AJRN          Auster J-1
G-AJTL          Gemeni 1A
G-AJWB          Messenger 2A
G-AJWC          Gemeni 1A
G-AJXC          Auster 5
G-AKEL          Gemeni 1A
G-AKPF          Hawk Trainer 3
G-ALAW          Messenger 4A
G-ALBJ          Auster 5
G-ALCS          Gemeni 3C
G-ALMU          Gemeni 3A
G-ALUC          Tiger Moth
G-ALUG          Gemeni 1A
G-ALWW          Tiger Moth
G-ALZG          Gemeni 1A
G-AMRF          Auster J-5F
G-ANAT          Proctor
G-ANCX          Tiger Moth
G-ANIK          Auster 5
G-ANIR          Auster 5
G-ANME          Tiger Moth
G-ANNI          Tiger Moth
G-ANOD          Tiger Moth
G-ANRE          Tiger Moth
G-ANSV          Auster J-5F
G-ANUJ          Tiger Moth
G-ANWA          Proctor 4
G-ANZJ          Proctor 4
G-AOCP          Auster 5
G-AOCY          Auster J-5P
G-AODX          Tiger Moth
G-AOFO          Tiger Moth
G-AOFU          Prospector
G-AOGV          Auster J-5R
G-AOKO          Prentice
G-AOLR          Prentice
G-AORO          Tri Pacer		1st modern Piper on reg!)
G-AORP          Chipmunk 22
G-AOTJ          Auster 5
G-AOVZ          Jodel D.140
G-APBD          Apache 160
G-APCU          Tiger Moth
G-APJP          Tiger Moth
G-APKE          Tiger Moth
G-APKN          Auster J-1N
G-APLY          Super Cub
G-APPL          Prentice
G-APTR          Auster J-1N
G-APUW          Auster J-5W
G-APVR          Super Cub
G-APWZ          Prospector
G-APXM          Tri Pacer 160
G-APXT          Tri Pacer
G-APYX          Aztec 250
G-APZG          Comanche
G-APZK          Super Cub 95
G-APZX          Tri Pacer
G-APZY          Tri Pacer
G-ARAG          Tri Pacer
G-25-8          Auster D4/108		later CS-AME
OO-PLG          Nipper
51-4166		T-33A			(Base Flt Upper Heyford),
52-0791		B-47E
53-3244		C-118A
XB267/B		Beverly C1		47 sqdn
XB290/V		Beverly C1		47 sqdn

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