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Newton 1993

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Date: 19 September 1993

Made by: Scramble


XX689/3               Bulldog T1   CFS
ZD345/J, ZD403/G      Harrier GR7  20sq
XZ730/634             Lynx HAS3    702sq
G-BRXK                Sokol P-2    '30149'

Hangars (closed):
XX535,   XX556/S      Bulldog T1   EMUAS
XX623/M, XX687/A      Bulldog T1   EMUAS
XX694/E, XX704/U      Bulldog T1   EMUAS
WD289/N, WK643/G      Chipmunk T10 ex EFTS
WG308/71,WG479/72     Chipmunk T10 7AEF
WZ856/74,WZ877/75     Chipmunk T10 7AEF
WZ879/X               Chipmunk T10 ex EFTS

WN901                 Hunter F2    dump, fuselage
WT694                 Hunter F1    gateguard
XL623                 Hunter T7    dump
XN641                 Jet Prov T3A dump

Flying only:
XW527/527             BuccaneerS2B 12sq
XX281/O               Hawk T1A     7FTS
PZ865                 Hurricane 2c BoBMF
XX116                 Jaguar GR1A  16sq
PA474                 Lancaster B1 BoBMF
PS915                 SpitfirePR19 BoBMF
ZF406/406             Tucano T1    CFS

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