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Portland 1998

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Date: 17 October 1998

Made by: Simon Pouard, Tony Lowe, Nigel Sadler, Mervyn Th


Lynx tails, Royal Navy
Ehhr.... how many did you say?

Photo Gary Parsons

More pictures of this airshow, see f4 Aviation

Hanger Display, 702sq hangar 
XZ237             Lynx HAS3S            702sq 
XZ257/644         Lynx HAS3S            702sq 
XZ791             Shelduck Drone 
ZG345             Chukar II             Serial hand painted, Different serial on nose! 

XZ725/633         Lynx HAS3             702sq 
ZD249/642         Lynx HAS3S            702sq 
ZD251             Lynx HAS3             815sq 
G-BBHL            S61                   Bristow/Coastguard 
G-BWDO            S-76                  The Queen's Flight 
G-PRET            R44 
ZF120/K           Sea King HC4          845sq 

AMG Hanger 
XZ232/355         Lynx HAS3S            815sq HMS Somerset mks 
XZ245             Lynx HAS3S            815sq 
XZ246             Lynx HAS3ICE          815sq ex HMS Endurance 
XZ735             Lynx HAS3S            815sq 
ZD263/636         Lynx HAS3S            815sq 
ZF557             Lynx HMA8             815sq 
ZF558             Lynx HMA8             815sq 
ZF562/328         Lynx HMA8             815sq HMS Brave mks 

Outside AMG Hanger/Paintshop 
XZ699/303         Lynx HAS3S            815sq without rotors, partially covered 

Paint Shop 
XZ723             Lynx HMA8             815sq 
ZD250             Lynx HAS3S            702sq 

Lynx line up by Beach 
XZ230/305         Lynx HAS3S            815sq 
XZ238/EE-435      Lynx HAS3S ICE        815sq HMS Endurance 
XZ241/EE-434      Lynx HAS3S            815sq HMS Endurance 
XZ248/634         Lynx HAS3S            702sq 
XZ255/WM-462      Lynx HMA8             815sq HMS Westminster 
XZ689             Lynx HMA8             702sq 
XZ691/474         Lynx HMA8             815sq HMS Richmond 
XZ693/301         Lynx HAS3S            702sq 
XZ695/NC-345      Lynx HAS3S            815sq HMS Newcastle 
XZ729/632         Lynx HAS3S            702sq 
XZ730/302         Lynx HAS3S            815sq 
XZ731/MA-363      Lynx HMA8             815sq HMS Marlborough 
XZ732/318         Lynx HMA8             815sq 
ZD252/671         Lynx HMA8             702sq 'LOEU671' on nose 
ZD253/410         Lynx HAS3S            815sq HMS Gloucester 
ZD254/645         Lynx HAS3S            702sq 
ZD259/635         Lynx HAS3S            702sq 
ZD262/MM-415      Lynx HMA8             815sq HMS Monmouth 
ZD264/BM-333      Lynx HAS3S            815sq HMS Birmingham 
ZD265/XB-376      Lynx HMA8             815sq HMS Boxer 
ZD268/670         Lynx HMA8             702sq 'LOEU670' on nose 
ZF563/BA-328      Lynx HMA8             815sq HMS Brave 

VX595             Dragonfly HR5         RNAS Portland 
ZA728/E           Gazelle AH1           847sq, Royal Marines 
XX510/LS-69       Lynx HAS2             RN AESS 
XZ254/302         Lynx HAS3S            815sq 
ZF560/307         Lynx HMA8             815sq 
XN332/759         Saro P531             FAA Museum 
XV656/CU-180      Sea King AEW2A        849sq 
XV371             Sea King HAS1         RN AESS 
ZD633/L-014       Sea King HAS6         820sq 
XV625/471         Wasp HAS1             RN AESS 
XM328/PO-653      Wessex HAS3           RNAS Portland 
XS876/PO-523      Wessex HAS1           RNAS Portland 
XT771/PO-620      Wessex HU5            RN AESS 
XL853/PO          Whirlwind HAS7        RNAS Portland 
XG574/PO-752      Whirlwind HAR3        RNAS Portland 

Gate Guard 
XT778/430         Wasp HAS1 

Fire dump 
XS870/PO          Wessex HAS1 

ZD990/VL-721      Harrier T8           899sq 

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