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Valley 1987

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Date: 15 August 1987

Made by:


MT36        		CM-170  
FA12                    F-16    
FA18                    F-16    
FA44                    F-16    
BR10                    Mirage V
188729        		CF-188
188755                  CF-188
E-600                   F-16A 
ET-614                  F-16B 
4107            	Alpha Jet
2301            	F-104
2647            	F-104
MM7007    		Tornado 
J-633            	F-16
J-651            	F-16
J-877            	F-16
81-0952        		A-10A
81-0967                 A-10A
82-0656                 A-10A
79-0045                 F-15 
79-0055                 F-15 
79-0077                 F-15 
XV332        		Buccaneer
XX689, XX713   		Bulldog     
XV297        		C-130
WP974        		DHC-1
ZE350, ZE351, ZE354     F-4
XW862       		Gazelle
XS101           	Gnat
XV789, XZ968        	Harrier
XX161, XX163, XX170     Hawk
XX173, XX176, XX182     Hawk
XX184, XX185, XX224     Hawk
XX231, XX236, XX239     Hawk
XX240, XX242, XX291     Hawk
XX292, XX294, XX295     Hawk
XX299, XX307, XX309     Hawk
XX311, XX315, XX338     Hawk
XX143, ZB615        	Jaguar
XN500, XW333, XW374     Jet Provost
XW418		     	Jet Provost
XP741, XR716, XR753     Lightning
ZD579, ZD614        	Sea Harrier
EX280        		T-6
ZA595, ZD713        	Tornado  
ZA149        		VC-10
XL392        		Vulcan
XR497, XR504, XR518     Wessex
XR524, XT606, XT670     Wessex
XV730		     	Wessex
EI-AOD            	C.172 
EI-ATC                  C.310 
EI-BRM                  C.172 
EI-BUM                  C.404 
EI-BUT                  Rallye
EI-BVA                  C.404 
G-AMPY                  C-47  
G-AMSV                  C-47  
G-ARVO                  Cub   
G-AVRY                  PA-28 
G-AVWY                  RF.4  
G-AXJV              	PA-28
G-AYPJ             	PA-28
G-AZRA           	Bo.209 
G-AZSC            	T-6   
G-BBMT            	DHC-1 
G-BCIT             	CIT-1
G-BCZN            	C.150   
G-BFNC                  AS.350  
G-BFZD                  C.182   
G-BGEH                  Sonerai 
G-BGIB                  C.172   
G-BGSE                  Pitts   
G-BKPU                  M.H.1521
G-ENII                	C.172
G-VRES            	Be.200
G-WILD            	Pitts
G-WREN            	Pitts
N5063N               	Be.18

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