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Biggin Hill 1980

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Date: 17 May 1980

Made by: Stan Page, Peter A Hambelton

Updated: 30 November 2003

133052          CT-133                  1 CAG
133094          CT-133                  1 CAG
104713          CF-104                  1 CAG
104750          CF-104                  1 CAG
104751          CF-104                  1 CAG
104815          CF-104                  1 CAG
104822          CF-104                  1 CAG
XZ333           Gazelle AH.1            ARWS                
ZA801/V         Gazelle HT.3            2FTS                
ZA802/W         Gazelle HT.3            CFS
XX227           Hawk T.1            	Red Arrows              
XX251           Hawk T.1                Red Arrows          
XX252           Hawk T.1                Red Arrows          
XX253           Hawk T.1                Red Arrows          
XX257           Hawk T.1                Red Arrows          
XX259           Hawk T.1                Red Arrows          
XX260           Hawk T.1                Red Arrows          
XX262           Hawk T.1                Red Arrows	w/o during display over Brighton
XX264           Hawk T.1                Red Arrows          
XX266           Hawk T.1                Red Arrows          
XV213           Hercules C.1            LTW                 
XE597/F         Hunter FGA.9            2TWU                
XG207/T         Hunter FGA.9            2TWU                
XX113/09        Jaguar GR.1    		226OCU                  
XX766/14        Jaguar GR.1    		226OCU                  
PA474         	Lancaster B.1          	BoBMF
XR751/A         Lightning F.3           LCF                 
XZ174           Lynx AH.1               ARW/LCF             
WF791           Meteor T.7              CFS Vintage Pair        
XV438/Y         Phantom FGR.2           228OCU              
XV488/R         Phantom FGR.2           228OCU              
XW280           Scout AH.1              D&TS                
TF956          	Sea Fury FB11      	FAAHF
WV908/188       Sea Hawk FGA.6  	FAAHF
XT131           Sioux AH.1              D&TS                
P7350		Spitfire IIa		BoBMF
LS326          	Swordfish II            FAAHF
XH304           Vampire T.11            CFS Vintage Pair
XL839           Whirlwind HAR.9 	Fleetlands Hack         
G-AIWA          Proctor                 ex R7524
G-ALND          Tiger Moth             	ex N9191
G-ANCS          Tiger Moth             	ex R4907
G-ANXR        	Proctor                 ex RM221
G-ASJV          Spitfire F.IXB          ex MH434
G-BBNF          Chipmunk T.10       	ex WP778
G-BDWJ		SE.5A replica		as "F8010"
G-SCUB      	Piper Cub              	ex 54-02447
N9012N  	Ju.52               	Private
N99059      	Ju.52               	Private                 

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