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Lyneham 1993

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Date: 26 June 1993

Made by: Colin Norwood


XX632   D       Bulldog T1              BUAS                      
VP981           Devon C2                BBMF                      
XS712   A       Dominie T1              6FTS                      
ZD345   J       Harrier GR5             20Sqn                     
XX230           Hawk T1A                19Sqn                     
XX281   O       Hawk T1A                92sqn                     
XV208           C130K Hercules W2       MRF Farnbrough
XX496   D       Jetstream T1    	45Sqn                     
XV239   39      Nimrod MR2P             Kinloss                   
XW199           Puma HC1                33Sqn                     
ZD707   BK      Tornado GR1             14Sqn                     
ZD809   BA      Tornado GR1             14Sqn                     
ZG711   E       Tornado GR1A            13Sqn                     
ZG796   AV      Tornado F3              56Sqn                     
ZF512   512     Tucano T1               1FTS                      
XT680           Wessex HC2              22Sqn                     
G-ASKH    	Mosquito T3             British Aerospace 'RR299/HT-E'
G-PASO   	Bo105                   Police                            
??      013     Chipmunk T10            Private                           

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