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Prestwick 1977

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Date: June 1977

Made by: Frank Wielbo


Devon C1             VP968                     207 Sq 
Fiat G91R            31+55 & 31+16             LEKG 50 
Jet Provost T5                                 RAFC 
Jetstream T1         XX489 
Meteor T7            WF781                     Vintage Pair 
Nimrod MR1           XV232 
Orion P3B            156603                    333 Skv  RNor AF 
Phantom FG1          XV568/002                 892 Sq 
Starfighter F104     104895 + one other        421 Sq RCAF 
Shackleton AEW2      WL747                     8 Sq 
Sea King Mk43        062                       330 Skv RNor AF 
Wessex HC2           XT872                     72 Sq 
Gnat T1                                        Red Arrows 
Hawk T1              XX161                     CFS 
Jet Provost          ...../Z 
Vulcan               XL427                     9 Sq 
Hercules             XV202 

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