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Brawdy 1983

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Date: 21 July 1983

Made by: Hazel Tyrell


HUNTER F51       E-405/G9-436

A-10A            81-0978/WR    	81 TFW  `78 TFS`            
F-16A            J-234          323 SQN         
F-16A            J-246          323 SQN         
F-16A            E-190          ESK-730         
F-104G           26+41          JBG-34          
F-104G           26+47          JBG-34          
F-111F           70-2363/LN     48 TFW          
HAWK T1          XX190          1 TWU            
HAWK T1          XX191          1 TWU            
HUNTER F6A       XF382          1 TWU            
HUNTER FGA9      XJ683          1 TWU            
HUNTER T7        G-BOOM           
JAGUAR GR1       XZ361/20       2 SQN            
JET PROVOST T4   XS219/06       1 TWU            
METEOR T7        WA662          RAE LLANBEDR     
MIRAGE VBA       BA-46          3 WING          
MIRAGE VBA       BA-53          3 WING          
P-3C             156522/LQ-2    VP-56           
TORNADO GR1      ZA604/12       27 SQN           
TRANSALL         50+54          LTG-63          

A-10A            81-0961/WR    	81 TFW
CHIPMUNK T10     WB697/O        3 AEF  
GAZELLE HT3      XZ931/R        2 FTS  
GNAT T1          XS101          G-GNAT 
HAWK T1        	 XX251		Red Arrows
HAWK T1        	 XX252		Red Arrows
HAWK T1        	 XX253		Red Arrows
HAWK T1        	 XX257		Red Arrows
HAWK T1        	 XX259		Red Arrows
HAWK T1        	 XX260		Red Arrows
HAWK T1        	 XX264		Red Arrows
HAWK T1        	 XX266 		Red Arrows
HAWK T1        	 XX304		Red Arrows
HAWK T1        	 XX306		Red Arrows
HUNTER F51       G-HUNT     
JAGUAR GR1       XZ103/23       2 SQN       
METEOR T7        WF791          VINTAGE PAIR
SEA FURY T20     WG655/GN-910   FAAHF       
SEA KING HAR3    XZ585/596      202 SQN     
VAMPIRE T11      XH304          VINTAGE PAIR

Flying only:
BUCCANEER S2B    XT271/C       	237 OCU
BUCCANEER S2B    XT283/G        237 OCU
BUCCANEER S2B    XT284/H        237 OCU
HARRIER GR3      XZ964/P        233 OCU
HERCULES C1      XV193          LTW    
HERCULES C3      XV294          LTW    
MOSQUITO T3      RR299/HT-E     BAE    
SPITFIRE IIA     P7350/         BOBMF 
TORNADO GR1      ZA557/09       27 SQN 

Hangar 3:
HAWK T1          XX302         	1 TWU        
HUNTER FGA9      XG194/55       1 TWU        
JET PROVOST T4   XS178/05       1 TWU        
JINDIVIK         A92-664        RAE LLANBEDR

Hangar 6:
CHIPMUNK T10     WK609/L       	3 AEF
HUNTER F6A       XG226/28       1 TWU
HUNTER T7        XL569/80       1 TWU
Hangar 7:                     
HUNTER F6A       XG152/20       1 TWU      
HUNTER FGA9      XF511/A        1 TWU
HUNTER FGA9      XG254/57       1 TWU
HUNTER T7        XL572/83       1 TWU
Hangar 8:                     
HUNTER F6A       XF418/16       1 TWU
HUNTER FGA9      XE552/R        1 TWU
HUNTER FGA9      XE624/G        1 TWU
HUNTER FGA9      XF416/Z        1 TWU
HUNTER FGA9      XF519/E        1 TWU
HUNTER FGA9      XG155/I        1 TWU
HUNTER FGA9      XG207/T        1 TWU
HUNTER T7        XL592/87       1 TWU
HUNTER T7        XL595/78       1 TWU
HUNTER T7        XL617/89       1 TWU
Hangar 10:                    
HAWK T1          XX195          2 TWU
HAWK T1          XX199          1 TWU
HAWK T1          XX220          1 TWU
HAWK T1          XX280          1 TWU
HAWK T1          XX281          1 TWU
HAWK T1          XX286          1 TWU
HAWK T1          XX319          1 TWU

Hangar 11:
HAWK T1          XX192         	1 TWU
HAWK T1          XX193          1 TWU
HAWK T1          XX197          1 TWU
HAWK T1          XX221          1 TWU
HAWK T1          XX261          1 TWU
HAWK T1          XX316          1 TWU
HAWK T1          XX317          1 TWU
HAWK T1          XX348          1 TWU
HAWK T1          XX350          1 TWU

CANBERRA B2      WJ681          BDRF
HAWK T1		 XX159		1 TWU
HAWK T1		 XX188		1 TWU
HAWK T1		 XX198		1 TWU
HAWK T1		 XX222		1 TWU
HAWK T1		 XX229		1 TWU
HAWK T1		 XX315		1 TWU
HAWK T1		 XX321		1 TWU
HAWK T1		 XX323		1 TWU
HAWK T1		 XX324		1 TWU
HAWK T1		 XX351		1 TWU
HUNTER F6A	 XE606/11	1 TWU
HUNTER F6A	 XE627/10	1 TWU
HUNTER F6A	 XJ676/32   	1 TWU
HUNTER FGA9	 XF435/52   	1 TWU
HUNTER FGA9	 XG154/54   	1 TWU
HUNTER FGA9	 XG228/56   	1 TWU
HUNTER T7        XL576/81     	1 TWU 
HUNTER T7        XL578/83       1 TWU
HUNTER T7        XL583/--       BDRF 
JET PROVOST T4   XP547/03       1 TWU 
JET PROVOST T4   XR679/04       1 TWU

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