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Little Rissington 1972

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Date: 26 August 1972

Made by: Peter Nicholson


XW287/80            	Jet Provost T.5     	Red Pelicans
XW288/81            	Jet Provost T.5         Red Pelicans
XW290/83            	Jet Provost T.5         Red Pelicans
XW291/84            	Jet Provost T.5         Red Pelicans
XP514                   Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XP531                   Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XP539                   Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XR540                   Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XR955                   Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XR987                   Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XR991                   Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XR993                   Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XS101                   Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XS107                   Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
XS111                   Gnat T.1                Red Arrows
WD285/38            	Chipmunk T.10         	2 FTS Blue Chips
WG403/04           	Chipmunk T.10          	2 FTS Blue Chips
WG348/28            	Chipmunk T.10          	2 FTS Blue Chips
XT134                  	Sioux AH.1              Blue Eagles
XT193                  	Sioux AH.1              Blue Eagles
XT206                  	Sioux AH.1              Blue Eagles
XT242                  	Sioux AH.1              Blue Eagles
XW192                	Sioux AH.1              Blue Eagles
RR299/HT-E       	Mosquito T.3
PZ865/DT-A      	Hurricane IIC           Batle of Britain Memorial Flight
P7350/ZH-T         	Spitfire IIA            Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
PA474/KM-B     		Lancaster B.1           Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
LS326 /5A           	Swordfish II            FAA Historical Flight
TF956/T123        	Sea Fury FB.11         	FAA Historical Flight
XN502/66            	Jet Provost T.3         CFS
XN581/77            	Jet Provost T.3        	CFS
XW295/88           	Jet Provost T.5         CFS
XR544/B              	Gnat T.1                CFS
WF424/17            	Varsity T.1             CFS
WJ949/19             	Varsity T.1             CFS
WJ945/21           	Varsity T.1             CFS
XV787                  	Harrier GR.1            233 OCU
XP394/C              	Whirlwind HAR.10    	CFS
XM574                	Vulcan B.2              101 Squadron
XV259                 	Nimrod MR.1             42 Squadron
XH304                 	Vampire T.11            CFS
WA669                	Meteor T.7              CFS
XM180                	Lightning F.1A          226 OCU
XF527/70            	Hunter F.6              4 FTS
XV105                 	VC-10  C.1              10 Squadron
XW227/CO        	Puma HC.1               33 Squadron
XV576/D            	Phantom FGR.2           43 Squadron
WG403/04         	Chipmunk T.10           CFS
WP807               	Chipmunk T.10           CFS
PM651               	Spitfire PR.XIX         71 MU
XV201                	Hercules C.1            LTW - Falcons parachute team

XV303                	Hercules C.1            LTW - Red Arrows support
62-4533               	HH-43F Huskie           Det 2 40 ARRS Upper Heyford

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