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Binbrook 1981

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Date: 6 June 1981

Made by: "Airshows 1981 - Midland Counties Publication", Ralph Lunt


XE606/11	Hunter F6A	79sq/1TWU	*
XG160/22	Hunter F6A	79sq/1TWU
XX195		Hawk T1		63sq/1TWU	*
XX265		Hawk T1		63sq/1TWU
XS731/J		Dominie T1	6FTS
XW435/4		Jet Provost T5A	RAFC
XX492/A		Jetstream T1	6FTS
XX741/GM	Jaguar GR1	54sq
XX829/GT	Jaguar T2	54sq
RT-684		TF-104G		Esk723
70-2398/LN	F-111F		48th TFW
79-0141		A-10A		81st TFW
* = also flying

G-AXGZ		Condos
G-BCIT		Cranfield A1

Lightning line-up:
XP702/BO	Lightning F3	11sq
XP707/BM	Lightning F3	11sq
XP706/AR	Lightning F3	5sq
XP741/DD	Lightning F3	LTF
XP764/DB	Lightning F3	LTF
XR751/DA	Lightning F3	LTF		*
XR727/BG	Lightning F6	11sq		*
XR752/BH	Lightning F6	11sq
XR755/BJ	Lightning F6	11sq		*
XS897/BE	Lightning F6	11sq		*
XS903/BC	Lightning F6	11sq
XS904/BD	Lightning F6	11sq		*
XS929/BF	Lightning F6	11sq		*
XR758/AF	Lightning F6	55sq		*
XR770/AA	Lightning F6	55sq		*
XS922/AC	Lightning F6	55sq
XS935/AB	Lightning F6	55sq
XS936/AK	Lightning F6	55sq
XS416/DU	Lightning T5	LTF
XS417/BT	Lightning T5	11sq
* = also flying

XM648		Vulcan B2	9sq

LTF/Servicing hangar:
XP701/BN	Lightning F3	11sq
XP753		Lightning F3	nmks
XP749/A		Lightning F3	LTF
XR718/DC	Lightning F3	LTF
XR725/DF	Lightning F6	LTF
XR772		Lightning F6	LTF
XR753/BA	Lightning F6	11sq
XS920/BB	Lightning F6	11sq
XR760		Lightning F6	5sq
XX419/DW	Lightning T5	LTF
XS420/DV	Lightning T5	LTF
XS452/DZ	Lightning T5	LTF
XV323/DY	Lightning T5	LTF

5sq hangar:
XP750/AQ	Lightning F3	5sq
XR716/AS	Lightning F3	5sq
XR724/AG	Lightning F6	5sq
XR754/AE	Lightning F6	5sq
XR759/AH	Lightning F6	5sq
XR773/AH	Lightning F6	5sq
XS458/AT	Lightning T5	5sq

XR747		Lighting F6	5sq

Fire fighting demonstration:
XM969		Lightning T4

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