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Culdrose 2000

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Date: 19 July 2000

Made by: Scramble, Marcel Rooymans


Merlin HM1, Royal Navy
A relatively new aircraft type in the inventory of the Royal Navy is the Merlin. This ZH844 was not wearing any squadron badge when it was placed in the static display of the show at Culdrose.

Photo Tom McGhee

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625		Lynx HAS2(FN)		34F
ZJ240/U		Griffin HT1		60sq
XX187		Hawk T1A		FRADU
ZA111/565-CU	Jetstream T2		750sq
ZE438/76	Jetstream T3		HeronFlt
ZH844		Merlin HM1		nb
XV250/50	Nimrod MR2		KinlossWing
XV661/821-CU	Sea King HAS5U		771sq
XV700/005	Sea King HAS6		820sq
ZE418/182-CU	Sea King AEW2		849sq
ZJ275/75	Squirrel HT1		DFHS
ZA793/BA	Tornado GR1		14sq
G-KAWW		Wasp HAS1		'XT781/426' ex NZ3908
G-PRII		Hunter PR11		WT723/866
N5315V		UH-12C			private

Hangar C2 (open):
XS885/512-DD	Wessex HAS1		instructional

Hangar C3/ (open):
XX171/171	Hawk T1			FRADU
XX301, XX322	Hawk T1A		FRADU

Hangar D1 (open/closed):
XV708/501-CU	Sea King HAS6		810sq
ZA126/504-CU	Sea King HAS6		810sq
ZA127		Sea King HAS6		810sq
ZA168/CU	Sea King HAS6		810sq

Hangar D2 (open/closed):
ZA169/500-CU	Sea King HAS6		810sq
The doors of this hangar were open in the morning, but closed 
in the afternoon.

Hangar D5 (closed):
XV660/269-N	Sea King HAS6		instructional
This is the ETS hangar. The tail of XV708 could also be found 
inside, while the other parts of this aircraft could be found 
in a hangar on the other side of the field.

Hangar E1 (closed):
ZH825/535-CU	Merlin HM1		700Msq
ZH827/537	Merlin HM1		700Msq
ZH837/540	Merlin HM1		700Msq
ZH839/539-CU	Merlin HM1		700Msq
The ZH839 was towed out of the hangar and parked next to the 
other two Merlins that could be seen outside near lunchtime.

Hangar E2 (closed):
ZH828/538	Merlin HM1		700Msq
ZH833/580	Merlin HM1		824sq
ZH835/581	Merlin HM1		824sq
ZH838/584	Merlin HM1		824sq

Hangar W3 (closed):
ZH826, ZH831	Merlin HM1		nmks
ZH843		Merlin HM1		nmks

Hangar W4 (closed):
XV696/267	Sea King HAS6		814sq
XV699/826	Sea King HAS5U		771sq
ZA134/824	Sea King HAS5U		771sq

ZG859/91	Harrier GR7		nn
XX157, XX201	Hawk T1A		nmks (FRADU)
XX230/230	Hawk T1A		FRADU
XX286		Hawk T1A		FRADU
XX315, XX337	Hawk T1A		FRADU
XX308		Hawk T1			CFS/Red Arrows
XX311		Hawk T1			FRADU
ZH800/716	Sea Harrier F/A2	899sq
ZA399/AJ-C	Tornado GR1B		617sq
ZA613		Tornado GR1		15sq
ZE258/AQ	Tornado F3		56sq
ZE339/AV	Tornado F3		56sq
ZF207/207	Tucano T1		1FTS
ZF413/413	Tucano T1		1FTS
G-BMGC		Swordfish 3		W5856/A2-A
G-BVWC		Canberra B2/6		WK163
G-BWGK		Hunter GA11		XE689/864-VL
G-VMPR		Vampire T11		XE920

Elsewhere (static side):
XX478/564-CU	Jetstream T2		750sq
XX481/560-CU	Jetstream T2		750sq
XX486/569-CU	Jetstream T2		750sq
XX487/568-CU	Jetstream T2		750sq
XX488/562-CU	Jetstream T2		750sq
ZA110/563-CU	Jetstream T2		750sq
XZ243		Lynx HAS3		dumped
ZH836/582-CU	Merlin HM1		824sq
ZH842/585-CU	Merlin HM1		824sq
WF225		Sea Hawk F1		gate guard

Elsewhere (far side):
XV359/035	Buccaneer S2B		preserved
ZA130/824-CU	Sea King HAS5U		771sq
ZA137/820-CU	Sea King HAS5U		771sq
plus two more Sea Kings, coded 181 and 506.

Sportsfield (just outside the gate):
ZA776		Gazelle AH1		847sq
ZD282/L		Lynx AH7		847sq
ZA293/ZO	Sea King HC4		848sq
ZA299/ZT	Sea King HC4		848sq
ZA312/ZS	Sea King HC4		848sq
ZB507/ZN	Sea King HC4		848sq
ZD476/ZU	Sea King HC4		848sq
ZD480/E		Sea King HC4		845sq
ZF122/VU	Sea King HC4		846sq
ZF123/VY	Sea King HC4		846sq
ZG822/VN	Sea King HC4		846sq
Allt he above choppers departed from the far side of the base 
to the sportsfield during the morning and were operating from 
this field during the flying display.

Flying only:
60-0007/MT	B-52H			23rd BS
62-3564		KC-135R			351st ARS

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