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Elmdon 1953

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Date: 25 May 1953

Made by: Peter A Rowlings


49-1101			F-86A 			USAF        
4.-1296		        F-86A 		        USAF
4x		        F-86A 		        USAF
19173		        CL-13 sabre 2		RCAF
4x		        CL-13 sabre 2		RCAF
MB752 BR/251		Firefly T1		1833 Sqn
PP485 MF/269		Firefly T3		1833 Sqn
PP612 BR/253		Firefly T3		1833 Sqn
PP647 BR/254		Firefly T3		1833 Sqn
VP442 BR/151		Seafire FR 47		1833 Sqn
VP464 BR/155		Seafire FR 47		1833 Sqn
VP477 BR/157		Seafire FR 47		1833 Sqn
VP485 BR/161		Seafire FR 47		1833 Sqn
RN270 B-O		Sunderland GR5		230 Sqn
7x			Vampire FB5		605 Sqn      
4x		        Meteor F8		609 Sqn      
WM...		        Meteor NF11		             
VS395		        Prentice T1		             
WB825		        Shakleton MR1		             
WB831		        Shakleton MR1		             
WB838		        Shakleton MR1		             
WE314		        Venom FB1		             
WE570		        Auster T7		             
WG474 		        Chipmunk T10		CFS          
WG476		        Chipmunk T10		CFS          
2x		        Chipmunk T10		B'ham U.A.Sqn
WH118		        Meteor T7		             
WH665		        Canberra B2		             
WH667		        Canberra B2		             
WH718		        Canberra B2		             
WH853		        Canberra B2		             
WJ511 		        Anson T21		             
EC-AEX			Bu 131 Yungmeister	Prince Cantacuzene
G-AFLT		        M. Gemini		Flight Magazine           
G-AIDX		        A.S. Consul		                          
G-AIFZ		        Auster Alpha		                          
G-AMMS		        Auster J/5		R Porteus                 
		        S51 Dragonfly		BEA                       
		        D. Dakota		BEA                       
		        Br 170 Freighter		                  
		        DH 82A Tiger Moth		                  

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