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Upper Heyford 1971

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Date: 19 June 1971

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Updated: 8 February 2003

T-33, Royal Netherlands AF
Many NATO coutries used the T-33 "T-bird" for jet training of their future fighter pilots. The Dutch 'Koninklijke Luchtmacht' was one of them and operated 60 of these aircraft. The M-43 came to Upper Heyford to participate in the Open House.

Photo: Steve Williams

54-465  BV       EB-66C             39TEWS/36TFW 
68-526  RS       F-4E               526TFS/26TFW 
64-533  FB       C-130E             47TAS/313TAW 
64-026  AR       RF-4C              1TRS/10TRW 
0-70749          T-33A              7030CSW/17AF 
0-52834 LS       F-100D             493TFS/48TFW 
66-502  BT       F-4D               53TFS/36TFW 
68-0047 JR       F-111E             79TFS/20TFW      STATIC DISPLAY 
68-0052          F-111E             79TFS/20TFW      STATIC DISPLAY 
68-0036 JR       F-111E             79TFS/20TFW      STATIC DISPLAY 
60302   1        F-4E               THUNDERBIRDS 
60319   2        F-4E               THUNDERBIRDS 
60289   3        F-4E               THUNDERBIRDS 
60291   4        F-4E               THUNDERBIRDS 
60315   5        F-4E               THUNDERBIRDS 
60321   6        F-4E               THUNDERBIRDS 
60329            F-4E               THUNDERBIRDS     (SPARE A/C) 
63-870           C-130E             THUNDERBIRDS     (SUPPORT A/C) 
0-30355          KC-97L             TEXAS ANG        A.A.R. DEMO. 
50673            F-4D               78TFS/81TFW      A.A.R. DEMO. 
50721   WR       F-4D               78TFS/81TFW      A.A.R. DEMO. 

65-0702/WR  	 F-4D
65-0711/WR  	 F-4D
65-0712/WR  	 F-4D
65-0714/WR  	 F-4D
65-0735/WR  	 F-4D
65-0749/WR  	 F-4D
65-0765/WR  	 F-4D
66-7487/WR  	 F-4D
55-3684/LR   	 F-100D
56-2980/LS   	 F-100D
56-3834/LT    	 F-100F
1x		 F-100F		    nn

66-7685 BT       F-4D               53TFS/36TFW 
66-7689 BT       F-4D               53TFS/36TFW 
0-42814          C-131D 
24533            HH-43B 
24535            HH-43B 
57-0561          T-33A      	    26 TRW
104865           CF-104G            439SQN. 
FX-30            F-104G             31SQN. 
MM6536  53-14    F-104G             53STORMO 
88      12-YD    S. MYSTERE B.2     1/12 ESC. 
33+07            G.91R              LKG.43 
31+40            G.91R              LKG.43 
33+01            G.91R              LKG.43 
33+06            G.91R              LKG.43 
33+08            G.91R              LKG.43 
                 C-160D             LTG.63 
24+70            RF-104G            AKG.52 
104749           CF-104G            439SQN. 
104661           CF-104D            439SQN. 
104666           CF-104D            439SQN. 
FX-21            F-104G             31SQN. 
FX-96            F-104G             31SQN. 
34+14            G-91T.3            LKG.43 
24+64            RF-104G            AKG.52 
50+38            C-160D   	    LTG 63
136     12-YH    S.MYSTERE B.2      1/12ESC. 
141     12-YP    S.MYSTERE B.2      1/12ESC.
14385   12-XE    T-33A              1/12ESC. 
1920             T-33A              PORT.A.F. 
1923             T-33A              PORT.A.F. 
M-43             T-33A     	    R.NL A.F.
27+91            F-104G             AKG.52 
WJ949   19       VARSITY   T.1      C.F.S. 
WG403   04       CHIPMUNK  T.10     C.F.S. 
XR981   J        GNAT T.1           C.F.S. 
XM366   61       JET PROVOST T.3    C.F.S. 
X4590   PR-F     SPITFIRE 2         609SQN. 
P2617            HURRICANE 1 
XM182            LIGHTNING F.1A     65SQN./226 OCU. 
XV217            HERK. C.1          RED ARROWS SUPPORT A/C 
PM631            SPITFIRE X1X 
WB684   08       CHIPMUNK T.10      CFS. 
XS728   E        DOMINIE  T.1       6 FTS. 
XS766            BASSET  CC.1       26 SQN. 
XF527   70       HUNTER   F.6       4 FTS. 
XS109   A        GNAT T.1           CFS. 
XM139            LIGHTNING  F.1A    TFF.            (PARIS CODE 474) 
XM192            LIGHTNING  F.1A    TFF. 
XW291   84       JET PROVOST  T.5   CFS.            RED PELICANS 
XW292   85       JET PROVOST  T.5   CFS.            RED PELICANS 
XW294   87       JET PROVOST  T.5   CFS.            RED PELICANS 
XW295   88       JET PROVOST  T.5   CFS.            RED PELICANS 
WZ877   05       CHIPMUNK T.10      CF 
XM970            LIGHTNING T.4      65 SQN./226 0CU. 
XR996            GNAT T.1           RED ARROWS 
XS107            GNAT T.1           RED ARROWS 
XR993            GNAT T.1           RED ARROWS 
XR987            GNAT T.1           RED ARROWS 
XS111            GNAT T.1           RED ARROWS 
XS101            GNAT T.1           RED ARROWS 
XR991            GNAT T.1           RED ARROWS 
XR540            GNAT T.1           RED ARROWS      (SPARE A/C.) 

F-111E  55TFS BLUE, coded JS 
F-111E  77TFS RED, code JT 
F-111E  79TFS YELLOW, coded JR 

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