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Lee-on-Solent 1971

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Date: 24 July 1971

Made by:


Serial       Code     Type             Mark         Status Unit         Operator 
G-AGYT                Alpha            J/1N           O 
G-ATBV                Aztec            PA.23-250      O 
NF389        5B       Swordfish        III 
VX653                 Sea Fury         FB11           O                RN 
WF299                 Sea Hawk         FB3            E   AES          RN 
WP309                 Sea Prince       T1             M                RN 
WT809        LM-697   Hunter           GA11           O                RN 
WV911                 Sea Hawk         FGA4           E                RN 
XA866        448      Whirlwind        HAR1           O                RN 
XA868        449      Whirlwind        HAR1           O                RN 
XA870                 Whirlwind        HAR1           O                RN 
XE340        Z        Sea Hawk         FGA6           O                RN 
XG574                 Whirlwind        HAR3           O                RN 
XG577                 Whirlwind        HAR3           O                RN 
XG594                 Whirlwind        HAS7           O                RN 
XJ347                 Devon            C20            O                RN 
XJ486                 Sea Vixen        FAW1           O                RN 
XJ521        VL-705   Sea Vixen        FAW1           O                RN 
XJ607        VL-701   Sea Vixen        FAW2           O   890 Sqdn     RN 
XK911        PO-519   Whirlwind        HAS7           O                RN 
XK944        86       Whirlwind        HAS7           O                RN 
XL443                 Vulcan           B2             O                RAF 
XM329        PO-146   Wessex           HAS1           O                RN 
XM832        C        Wessex           HAS1           O                RN 
XM920                 Wessex           HAS1           O                RN 
XN259        PO-518   Whirlwind        HAS7           O                RN 
XN298                 Whirlwind        HAS7           O                RN 
XN305        PO-516   Whirlwind        HAS7           O                RN 
XN308        PO       Whirlwind        HAS7           O                RN 
XN309        487      Whirlwind        HAS7           O                RN 
XN314                 Whirlwind        HAS7           O                RN 
XN384                 Whirlwind        HAS7           O                RN 
XN685        VL-703   Sea Vixen        FAW1           O   766 Sqdn     RN 
XN706        E        Sea Vixen        FAW1           O                RN 
XN934        LS-631   Bucaneer         S1             O                RN 
XP107                 Wessex           HAS1           O                RN 
XP112        PO-518   Wessex           HAS1           O                RN 
XP155        31       Wessex           HAS1           O                RN 
XR445        LP       Sea Heron                       O   781 Sqdn     RN 
XS109        A        Gnat             T1             O                RAF 
XS128        PO-437   Wessex           HAS1           O                RN 
XS152        CU-577   Wessex           HAS1           O                RN 
XS172                 Hiller           HT2            O                RN 
XS399        62       Whirlwind        HAS7           O                RN 
XS517        B        Wessex           HC2            O                RN 
XS587                 Sea Vixen        FAW2           O                RN 
XS605        605      Andover          C1             O                RAF 
XS681                 Wessex           HC2            O                RAF 
XT429                 Wasp             HAS1           E                RN 
XT442        456      Wasp             HAS1           O                RN 
XT457        B        Wessex           HU5            O                RN 
XT492                 SRN5                            O                RN 
XT495                 SRN5                            O                RN 
XT772                 Wessex           HU5            O                RN 
XT863        VL-150   Phantom          F-4K           O                RN 
XV372                 Sea King         HAS1           O                RN 
XV631                 Wasp             HAS1           O                RN 
XV644        PO-528   Sea King         HAS1           O                RN 
XV648                 Sea King         HAS1           O                RN 
XV677                 Sea King         HAS1           O                RN 
XV697                 Sea King         HAS1           O                RN 
XW246                 SRN5                            O                RN 
XW255                 Wellington       BH7            O                RN 
XW287        80       Jet Provost      T5             O   Red Pelicans RAF 
XW289        82       Jet Provost      T5             O   Red Pelicans RAF 
XW293        86       Jet Provost      T5             O   Red Pelicans RAF 
XW294        87       Jet Provost      T5             O   Red Pelicans RAF 
XW475                 Jindivik         3B             E                RN 
XW784        LS       Kittiwake        I              O                RN 


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