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Castle Ashby 1986

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Date: 23/24/26 June 1986

Made by: Ian Malcolm, Al McGrath, Martyn Swann, David Upton


Main competitions nos. in brackets to identify teams. 
42 (4)               Mil 2            Soviet (DOSAAF) c/n549637026 
10 (1,3,5)           Mil 2            Soviet (DOSAAF) c/n549513115 
36 (2.1)             Mil 2            Soviet (DOSAAF) c/n549550016 
71+18 (9)            UH 1             Luftwaffe LTG61 
71+57 (22)           UH 1             Luftwaffe HTG64 
75+38 (7)            Alouette II      HEER HFS2 
75+62 (6)            Alouette II      HEER HFS2 
75+11 (10)           Alouette II      HEER HFWS 
80+04 (21)           Bo 105           HEER HFWS 
80+13 (8)            Bo 105           HEER HFWS 
ZB628/V (13)         Gazelle TH3      RAF 2FTS 
XX409 (12)           Gazelle AH1      AAC 656SQN 
XX441/CU-38 (11)     Gazelle HT2      FAA 705SQN 
XP328/G-BKHC (15)    Whirlwind HAR10  PRIVATE (RAF c/s) 
70-15173 (16)        OH58A            U S ARMY 
70-15587 (17)        OH58A            U S ARMY 
68-16804 (18)        OH58A            U S ARMY 
69-16125 (19)        OH58A            U S ARMY 
72-21391 (20)        OH58A            U S ARMY 
71-20580 (23)        OH58A            U S ARMY 
72-21182 (24)        OH58A            U S ARMY 

Aircraft for support or use in freestyle flying events 
80+18                Bo 105           HEER PzAbwRgt16 
80+54                Bo 105           HEER PzAbwRgt16 
71+19                UH 1             Luftwaffe LTG61 
72-21097             OH58A            U S ARMY 
68-16854             OH58A            U S ARMY 
64-13619             UH 1             U S ARMY 

G-BAXE               Hughes 269a.1 

The 'missing' competitors numbers were SP-SSC (26) SM2  c/n 900102 and G-OPJT (14) Enstrom. 
The U S Army team was formed at Fort Rucker especially for the event and were airlifted into, I
believe, RAF Upper Heyford.  The main competition was won by the Russians except the freestyle
which was won by the brilliant Charly Zimmermann of the Germany Army who also delighted many
IAT crowds over the years in his Bo.105. 

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