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Prestwick 1967

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Date: 30 September 1967

Made by: Peter Nicholson


21588           T-33AN Silver Star
12842           CF-104G Starfighter
12796           CF-104G Starfighter
12895           CF-104G Starfighter	                             
XJ724           Whirlwind HAR.10        202 Sqn
XS640           Andover C.1             46 Sqn
206/V           SP-2H Neptune           320 Sqn MLD
XR660/56        Jet Provost T.4         6 FTS
17201/WH-E      Albatross               R. Norwegian AF
17204/KK-X      Albatross               R. Norwegian AF
WG481           Chipmunk T.10           12 AEF
XT285/LM653	Buccaneer S.1           736 Sqn
XT610           Twin Pioneer C.1        ETPS
XS736           Dominie T.1             CAW
XP441           Argosy C.1
XR724/M         Lightning F.6           11 Sqn
XV197           Hercules C.1            LTW
XR534/93        Gnat T.1                4 FTS

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