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Exeter 1975

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Date: 5 July 1975

Made by: Paul Carr


Lancaster I          PA474/KM:B  (BBMF) 
Vulcan B.2           XH562 
Jet Provost T.4      XP677 (nose, RAFEF) 
            T.5      XW353, 359, 375, 422, 438 
Baron B55A           G-AXOV 
Bell 47G-2           G-AVKS (Bristow) 
     206A            G-BCCZ 
BN-2A                G-BADK, BAVT (Brymon) 
Cameron O-56 HAB     G-BBBT (Robertsons) 
CEA DR.340           G-AXSV 
Cessna 172           G-AYOD;  C  G-ARWO;  F.M G-BBOA 
DH.89A               G-AJHO 
Vampire T.11         XH304 (Vintage Pair) 
C-47B                G-AMPZ (Intra) 
Meteor T.7           WA669  (Vintage Pair) 
HP Herald            G-APWG, APWH, AVEZ, BAZJ  (all BIA) 
Hurricane IIc        LF363/LE:D (BBMF) 
Gnat T.1             XP514, XP531, XP542 (4FTS), XR540, XR572, XR955, XR981, 
                     XR993, XS101, XS107, XS111 (rest Red Arrows) 
Nimrod MR.1          XV230 
Jodel DR.1050        G-ARRD 
C-130K               XV210 
PA-23-250C           G-ATJZ  (Baylee Air Charter), G-AZXG, G-BALU, BBAV (Baylee) 
PA-28-180C           G-AVSC 
Pitts S-2A           G-BADW, BADX, BADY, BADZ, BAEA  (Rothmans) 
Bulldog T.1          XX627/47 
Rallye Club          G-AXGD, BAOD, BAOE 
       Commodore     G-AZMZ 
       Minerva       G-AWSZ 
       100S          G-BCBP 
       150ST         G-BDCA 
VS Spitfire PR.19    PS853  (BBMF) 

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