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Lakenheath 1966

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Date: 28 May 1966

Made by: David Miller

Updated: 29 August 2022, David Taylor

0-76207		C-47		
63848		F-100F					Camouflaged
24474		T-39A					Also Flew.
41073		RF-4C			10 TRS
37822		C-130E					Parachute Droping.
52841		F-100D		
63239		F-100D		
63214		F-100D		
XR142		Argosy C.1		114 Sq.	
K9942		Spitfire		
XM599		Vulcan B.2		Cottesmore Wing	Touch & Go + Flyby
XS210	12	Jet Provost T.4		C.A.W.  	"The Macaws"	
XP632	30	Jet Provost T.4		C.A.W.  	"The Macaws"	
XS216	19	Jet Provost T.4		C.A.W.  	"The Macaws"	
X....		Jet Provost T.4		C.A.W.  	"The Macaws"	
XR718	C	Lightning F.3		56 Sq.	
63214		F-100D		
XR991		Gnat T.1		"Red Arrows"	
XR987		Gnat T.1		"Red Arrows"	
XR995		Gnat T.1		"Red Arrows"	
XR993		Gnat T.1		"Red Arrows"	
XR992		Gnat T.1		"Red Arrows"	
XR540		Gnat T.1		"Red Arrows"	
XR986		Gnat T.1		"Red Arrows"	
XR994		Gnat T.1		"Red Arrows"	
XS111		Gnat T.1		"Red Arrows"	
41023		RF-4C			10 TRS
63856		F-100F		
63890		F-100F		
52828		F-100D		
52829		F-100D		

Based Aircraft:				
52805	63037	63244	All Camouflaged
63340	63363	63410	All Camouflaged
52796	52800	52814	
52816	52817	52821	
52823	52830	52834	
52856	63210	63211	
63227	63262	63303	
63816	63833	63864	
63884	63895	63803	

Vintage Aircraft Static Park:				
G-AEOF		Pou de Ciel		
G-AMJP	        Dart Kitten     
G-AFCL		Swallow		
G-APRX	        Tiger Moth      
G-AFGK		Whitney Straight
G-ARDJ	        Auster D.5      
G-AFIR		Luton Minor	
G-ASPS	        Cub             
G-AFVR		Cygnet		
G-ASSC	        Tiger Moth      
G-AFWT		Tipsy Trainer	
G-ASTD	        Nord 1002       
G-AGXT	  	Autocrat	
G-ASWS	        Aero 145        
G-AHUG	        Taylorcraft	
G-ATJX	        Jungmann        
WG317		Chipmunk T.10	

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