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Marham 1989

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Date: 1 July 1989

Made by: Clive Wells


XH669		Victor K.2		55 sqn  
XL161		Victor K.2	        55 sqn  
XL231		Victor K.2	        55 sqn  
XL512		Victor K.2	        55 sqn  
XN983	02	Buccaneer S.2	        No Marks
XX116		Jaguar GR.1	        226 OCU 
ZA393		Tornado GR.1	        TWCU    
ZA542	JA	Tornado GR.1	        27 SQN  
ZA550	JD	Tornado GR.1	        27 SQN  
ZA553	JE	Tornado GR.1	        27 SQN  
ZA557	JG	Tornado GR.1	        27 SQN  
ZA559	L	Tornado GR.1	        617 SQN 
ZA561	JH	Tornado GR.1	        27 SQN  
ZA564	JK	Tornado GR.1	        27 SQN  
ZA585	G	Tornado GR.1	        617 SQN 
ZA608	A	Tornado GR.1	        617 SQN 
ZD409		Harrier GR.5	        BAe     
AB910		Spitfire Vb	        BoBMF   
PA474		Lancaster B.1	        BoBMF   
PZ865		Hurricane IIc	        BoBMF   
XF877	G-AWVF	Jet Provost	                
XH558		Vulcan B.2	        VDF     
133722		F4U-7 Corsair	

WJ680	CT	Canberra TT.8		100 SQN     
XL188		Victor K.2	        55 SQN      
XL190		Victor K.2	        55 SQN      
XV202		C-130 C.3P	        LTW         
XV254		Nimrod MR.2P	        Kinloss Wing
XW313	30	Jet Provost	        3 FTS       
XX309		Hawk T.1	        4 FTS       
XX492	A	Jetstream T.1	        6 FTS       
XX529	H	Bulldog T.1	        1 FTS       
XZ381	GB	Jaguar GR.1	        54 SQN      
ZA562	JT	Tornado GR.1	        27 SQN      
ZB625	N	Gazelle HT.3	        2 FTS       
ZD322	A	Harrier GR.5	        233 OCU     
ZD952		Tristar KC.1	        216 SQN     
ZE908	CJ	Tornado F.3	        5 SQN       
ZF166		Tucano T.1	        CFS         
58-0077		KC-135Q		        9 SRW       

ZA609	J	Tornado GR.1		617 SQN

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