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Mildenhall 2001

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Date: 26/27 May 2001

Made by: Scramble, Kevin Hall, Martijn v/d Akker, Mike Wilson, Ian Old

Updated: 8 February 2003

F-16AM, RNethAF
The Royal Netherlands Air Force gave F-16AM (J-016) a stunning livery for the 2001 airshow season. The above picture was taken during its display at the Mildenhall Air Fete.

Photo copyright Gary Parsons

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North (static) side:
FA72/FS			F-16AM		2w
FA103			F-16AM		nmks
MT14			CM170		1w, spec c/s
ET-613, ET-615		F-16BM		Esk 723
4338, 4489		Tornado IDS	JBG33
R86/61-ZD		C-160R		ET00.061
E6/7-PS, E22/7-PU	Jaguar E	EC02.007
E37/7-PM		Jaguar E	EC02.007
508/5-OT, 511/5-OR	Mirage 2000B	EC02.005
518/5-OM		Mirage 2000B	EC02.005
LX-N90442		E-3A		NAEW&CF        
Q-05			AH-64D	        302sq          
B-77	                Bo105CB	        299sq, spec c/s
J-016	                F-16AM	        312sq, spec c/s
J-635	                F-16AM	        312sq          
J-064	                F-16BM	        322sq          
U-04	                F60UTA-N	334sq  
15209, 15226		Alpha Jet	Esq103/301
15112, 15117		F-16A		Esq201
L4-01			L-410UVP-E	15BRVL
L9-67			PC-9		15BRVL  
90-0022, 90-0024	F-16D	        161 Filo
39172/172, 39181/181	JAS39A	        F7      
39186/186		JAS39A	        F7               
J-5008, J-5015	        F/A-18C	        FlSt11           
XS728/E		        Dominie T1	55(R)sq          
XX217/CC	        Hawk T1A	100sq            
XX117/PA	        Jaguar GR3	16(R)sq, spec c/s
XZ109/EN	        Jaguar GR3	6sq              
ZE295/AY, ZH556/AK	Tornado F3	56(R)sq
ZA365/AJ-Y		Tornado GR4	617sq            
ZD707/BU	        Tornado GR1	14sq             
ZD375/23	        Harrier GR7	20(R)sq, spec c/s
ZG506/77	        Harrier GR7	20(R)sq          
PZ865/Q		        Hurricane IIc	BBMF             
PA474/QR-M	        Lancaster B1	BBMF             
ZF539		        Lynx AH9	659sq, SFOR mks  
PM631/S		        Spitfire PR19	BBMF             
81-0962/SP	        A-10A		81st FS                  
81-0992/SP	        A-10A	        81st FS "52OG"    
86-0103/DY	        B-1B	        9th BS            
60-0053/LA	        B-52H	        96th BS           
86-0025			C-5B	        436th AW          
71-0882	                C-9A	        75th AS           
94-0068	                C-17A	        437th AW          
84-0084	                C-21A	        76th AS           
69-5831	                MC-130P	        67th SOS          
86-1699	                MC-130H	        7th SOS           
57-2605/D		KC-135R	        351st ARS         
86-0174/LN	        F-15C	        493rd FS          
91-0601/LN	        F-15E	        494th FS          
91-0339/SP	        F-16CJ	        22nd FS "22FS"    
91-0352/SP	        F-16CJ	        22nd FS "52FW"    
87-0072		        CH-47D	        F/159th AVN       
73-1649		        MH-53M	        21st SOS          
96-26684	        UH-60L	        C/5-158thAVN      
87-0443/2	        AH-64A	        2/6th CAV         
73-1153/RA	        CT-43A	        562nd FTS "562FTS"
163843			UC-12M	        Mildenhall        
164404	                E-6B	        SCW-1/VQ-4        
G-AKIF	                DH89A	        private, in hangar
G-BAIG	                PA-34	        private           
G-BDEF	                B-17G	        ex 124485/DF-A    
G-BTDP	                TBM-3R	        "53319/RB319"     
G-BYDR	                B-25D	        ex KL161/VO-B     
G-THUN	                P-47M	        ex 42-26671/MX-X  
RA-44506		Yak-18T	        W. Creighton      

Alpha Jet Es of the Patrouille de France:
E120/1/F-TERG	E75/2/F-TERW	E128/3/F-TERN
E41/4/F-TERA	E153/5/F-TERH	E175/6/F-TERL
E135/7/F-TERX	E160/8/F-TERC	E121/9/F-TERK

Hawk T1/T1As of the Red Arrows:
XX156	XX227	XX233	XX253	XX264	XX266
XX292	XX294	XX306	XX307	XX308

Sports Field (Behind AMC Terminal):
89-26146, 89-26151	UH-60A		159th MedCo

South (far) side:
MM7125/RS-11		AMX		RSV             
MM55062/RS-26	        MB339CD		RSV             
MM62145/46-50	        G222PROCIV	2┬░Gruppo
CMX7040/RS-01	        Tornado IDS	RSV     
L-02		        PC-7		131EMVOsq       
L9-62		        PC-9		15BRVL          
84001/841	        Tp84		F7              
XX205, XX330	        Hawk T1A	208(R)sq
ZF405, ZF407	        Tucano T1	1FTS    
ZE258/AQ, ZE961/AW	Tornado F3	56(R)sq
XV246/46		Nimrod MR2	Kinloss MRW      
XV221		        Hercules C3	LTW              
ZA355/TAA	        Tornado GR1	15(R)sq          
ZA361/TD	        Tornado GR4	15(R)sq          
XW846/M, XX378	        Gazelle AH1	671sq Blue Eagles
XX403, XX447, ZA777	Gazelle AH1	671sq Blue Eagles
ZD272/H			Lynx AH7	671sq Blue Eagles
86-0110/DY		B-1B		9th BS    
60-0022/LA		B-52H	        96th BS    
63-7814			C-130E	        67th SOS   
69-5823, 69-5826	MC-130P	        67th SOS   
69-5832			MC-130P	        67th SOS   
84-0476, 88-0194	MC-130H	        7th SOS    
59-1459/D, 60-0360/D	KC-135R	        351st ARS 
61-0302, 63-8008	KC-135R	        351st ARS 
63-8012, 63-8879	KC-135R	        351st ARS 
64-14829, 64-14838	KC-135R	        351st ARS 
66-0166			C-141B	        62nd AW   
67-14994		MH-53M	        21st SOS  
69-5784, 69-5795	MH-53M	        21st SOS  
69-5796, 70-1625	MH-53M	        21st SOS  
70-1630, 73-1652	MH-53M	        21st SOS  
163836/7C		UC-12M	        Mildenhall

Flying only:
97-0219/LN		F-15E		492nd FS, 26th
91-0307/LN		F-15E		492nd FS, 26th, also logged as 91-0332/LN

Visitors Sunday:
84-0111			C-21A		76th AS

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