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Wattisham 1968

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Date: 18 May 1968

Made by:


XP443/114 	Argosy C1 	267Sqdns
WH903/B 	Canberra T11 	85Sqdn
WK622/P 	Chipmunk T10 	3AEF
XE653/28 	Hunter F6 	229OCU
LF363 		Hurricane IIC 	BoBMF
XP668/50 	Jet Provost T4 	1FTS
XP678/45 	Jet Provost T4 	1FTS
XR655/52 	Jet Provost T4 	1FTS
XR666/47 	Jet Provost T4 	1FTS
XR672/43 	Jet Provost T4 	1FTS
XM147/C 	Lightning F1A 	Wattisham TFF
XP700 		Lightning 	No unit marks
XP705/B 	Lightning F3 	29Sqdn
XP735/L 	Lightning F3 	29Sqdn
XP756/K 	Lightning F3 	29Sqdn
XP763/G 	Lightning F3 	29Sqdn
XR718/C  	Lightning F3 	29Sqdn
XP740/J 	Lightning F3 	111Sqdn
XP752/Y 	Lightning F3 	111Sqdn
XP762/M 	Lightning F3 	111Sqdn
XR711/A 	Lightning F3 	111Sqdn
XR715/E 	Lightning F3 	111Sqdn
WH291 		Meteor F8
PM631 		Spitfire PR19 	BoBMF
XM606 		Vulcan B2
64-0853 	F-4D 		81TFW
62-4521 	HH-43B 		40ARRG
XM144/B 	Lightning F1A 	Wattisham TFF
XM163/A 	Lightning F1A 	Wattisham TFF
XP694/D 	Lightning 	29Sqdn
XP701/M 	Lightning 	29Sqdn
XP707/H 	Lightning 	29Sqdn
XP736/- 	Lightning 	29Sqdn
XP764/E  	Lightning 	29Sqdn
XP741/K 	Lightning F3	111Sqdn
XP749/B 	Lightning F3	111Sqdn
XP751/L 	Lightning F3	111Sqdn
XR713/C 	Lightning F3	111Sqdn
XR716/- 	Lightning F3	111Sqdn
XS455 		Lightning T5 	Unit?
XV328/Z 	Lightning T5 	29Sqdn
WM739/LO 	Sea Prince T1 	1FTS
XP757/F 	Lightning 	29Sqdn
XP765/A 	Lightning 	29Sqdn
XP706/D 	Lightning F3 	111Sqdn
XP754/H 	Lightning F3 	111Sqdn

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