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St. Mawgan 1998

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Date: 5 August 1998

Made by: Mervyn Thomas


P-3C            307        MLD 
KC-135R         63-7979/D  100ARW USAFE 
Tornado         46+18      MFG-2 GN 
Atlantic        61+20      MFG-3 GN 
A-10A           82-0962/SP 52FW 
  "             82-0656/SP 52FW 
F-16A/B         E-193      Esk727 
                ET-615     Esk730 RDAF 
Tornado IDS     MM7046/6-06 
  "             MM7006/6-16  6 St AMI 
Do.228          57+03      MFG-3 GN 
Dominie T/1     XS712/A    RAF55(R)Sqn 
VC10 C.3        ZD235/L    RAF 101Sqn 
Bulldog T.1     XX638/-    RAF CFS 
Bulldog T.1     XX698/9    RAF CFS 
Jetstream T.1   XX491/K    RAF 45(R)Sqn 
Tornado F.3     ZE839/AR   RAF 56(R)Sqn 
Hawk T.1A       XX284/CL   RAF 100Sqn 
Tucano T.1      ZF320/320  RAF 1FTS 
Hercules C.3    XV186/186  RAF LTW 
Nimrod MR.2     XV226/26   RAF KMW 
Seaking HAR.3   ZE369      RAF 203(R)Sqn 
   "      "     XZ594      RAF 203(R)Sqn Hangered 
   "      "     ZH542      RAF 203(R)Sqn Hangered (Marked CJ250) 
Jaguar GR.1A    XZ369/EF   RAF 6Sqn 
Jaguar GR.1A    XZ363/FO   RAF 41Sqn 
Puma HC.1       XW220      RAF 230Sqn 
Bulldog T.1     XX656/C    RAF Bristol UAS 
Valiant TX.1    ZD660/YZ   RAF 626VGS(Loan) 
Vigilant T.1    ZH128/TP   RAF 624VGS 
 "       "      ZH145/TS   RAF 624VGS 
Bulldog T.1     XX530/F    RAF Exhibition Flt 
Wessex HC.2     XR528      Instructional use 
Chipmunk T.10   WK628      Private 
Slingsby T.67   G-BWXX     JEFTS 
Grob 115-D2     G-BVHD     RN FGF 
SE5a       F8010/O-Z  Private 
B.17G           124485/DF-A Private 
PT-19A          234539/63  Private 
FG-1D Corsair   NZ5648     Private 
Hunter T.8C     XF357/871  Private 
Hunter GA.11    XE685/861  Private 
"Treloy Line"-Flying Display Aircraft 
Tornado IDS     45+52      MFG-2 GN 
Tucano T.1      ZF169/169  RAF 1FTS 
Jaguar GR.1A    XZ391/A    RAF 16(R)Sqn 
Tornado GR.1    ZA355/B-54 RAF TTTE 
Tornado GR.1    ZA322/B-50 RAF TTTE 
Tornado F.3     ZE763/DG   RAF 11Sqn 
Tornado F.3     ZE737/FF   RAF 25Sqn 
Harrier GR.7    ZD406/35   RAF 20(R)Sqn 
Harrier GR.7    ZD433/45   RAF 20(R)Sqn 
Hercules C.1    XV211/211  RAF LTW 
Canberra B.6    WK163      Private 
Pembroke C.1    WV740      Private 
L.39ZA          28-02      Private 
Spitfire LF1Xb  MH434      Private 
Hunter GA.11    XE689/864  Private 
Hunter T.7      XL573      Private 
DC.3            KN442/G-AMPZ Air Atlantique 

North Side 
Seaking HAR.3   XZ585      RAF 203(R)Sqn 
Fokker DR.1     450/17     Private 
RAF Red Arrows 

Flying Only 
Nimrod MR.2    XV260/60   RAF KMW 
Seaking HU.5   XV666/823  RN  771Sqn 
Lancaster B.1  PA474/WS-J RAF BBMF 
Spitfire PRXIX PM631/S    RAF BBMF 
Hurricane 11c  PZ865      RAF BBMF 
Sopwith LC-1T   N500       Private 

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