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St. Mawgan 1970

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Date: 19 September 1970

Made by: Joe Barr


G-AYCV		BN-2A Islander		  Island Air Charter        
WG553		Avro Shackleton MR2	  RAF                       
WG558		Avro Shackleton MR2	  RAF                       
XF703		Avro Shackleton MR3	  RAF 42 Sqn                
XL839		Avro Vulcan B2		  RAF 27 Sqn                
WJ721		BAC Canberra TT18	  RAF 7 Sqn                 
XM173	173	BAC Lightning F1A	  RAF 226OCU                
XV108		BAC VC10		  RAF 10 Sqn                
XL660		Bristol Britannia C1	  RAF	                  
XS577	137E	DH110 Sea Vixen FAW2	  FAA 899 Sqn               
WP840	10	DHC1 Chipmunk		  RAF Southampton UAS       
XF274		Gloster Meteor T7	  RAE                       
XL597		Hawker Hunter T7	  RAE                       
XW526		HS Buccaneer S2		  RAF 12 Sqn                
XS726	L	HS Dominie T1		  RAF 6 FTS                 
XV227		HS Nimrod MR1		  RAF                       
XV230		HS Nimrod MR1		  RAF 236 OCU               
XV231		HS Nimrod MR1		  RAF 236 OCU               
XV232		HS Nimrod MR1		  RAF 236 OCU               
XV233		HS Nimrod MR1		  RAF                       
XV234		HS Nimrod MR1		  RAF                       
XV235		HS Nimrod MR1		  RAF 236 OCU               
XV237		HS Nimrod MR1		  RAF                       
XV237		HS Nimrod MR1		  RAF                       
XW294	87	HP Jet Provost T5	  RAF CFS 'The Red Pelicans'
XV287?		Lockheed Hercules C1	  RAF                       
XV291		Lockheed Hercules C1	  RAF                       
XR362		Short Belfast C1	  RAF 53 Sqn                
PM631	AD-C	Supermarine Spitfire PR19 RAF
XP347		Westland Whirlwind HAR 10 RAF 22 Sqn
40877		McDonnell F-4 Phantom	  USAF 81 TFW

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