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Mildenhall 1995

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Date: 26 May 1995

Made by: Kevin Hall


North side: 
86-0130/DY           B-1B                   28BS "Bad Company" 
61-0022/BD           B-52H                  93BS 
83-0500              C-20A                  76AS 
84-0085              C-21A                  76AS 
64-0502              C-130E                 37AS 
69-5826              HC-130N                67SOS 
88-0194              MC-130H                7SOS 
61-0313/D            KC-135R                351ARS "100 Proof" 
61-2674              OC-135B                55W "Open skies" 
64-14849/OF          RC-135U                55W 
63-8085              C-141B                 452AMW 
86-0164/LN           F-15C                  493FS "493FS" 
86-0176/LN           F-15C                  493FS 
90-0248/LN           F-15E                  492FS "48FW" 
91-0412/SP           F-16C                  23FS "52FW" 
70-1625              MH-53J                 21SOS 
72-0288              CT-43A                 200AS/Colorado ANG "city of Grand Junction" 
163840/8G            UC-12M                 Mildenhall 
163057/HC-41         MH-53E                 HC-4 
1718                 HC-130H                USCG Clearwater 
85-0154              RC-12K                 1 MIB 
88-26080             UH-60A                 7Btn/1AvRegt 
88-0236              AH-64A                 6Sqn/6CavRegt 
XX529/W              Bulldog T1             6FTS 
XH168                Canberra PR9           39(1PRU)Sqn 
ZA675/EB             Chinook HC2            7 Sqn 
XS739/F              Dominie T1             6FTS 
XW858/C              Gazelle HT3            2FTS 
XW862/D              Gazelle HT3            2FTS 
ZD431/02             Harrier GR7            1 Sqn 
ZD409/B              Harrier GR7            20(R)Sqn 
ZD329/N              Harrier GR7            20(R)Sqn 
XX317                Hawk T1A               208(R)Sqn 
XX227                Hawk T1A               Red Arrows 
XX233                Hawk T1A               Red Arrows 
XX237                Hawk T1A               Red Arrows 
XX252                Hawk T1A               Red Arrows 
XX253                Hawk T1A               Red Arrows 
XX260                Hawk T1A               Red Arrows 
XX264                Hawk T1A               Red Arrows 
XX266                Hawk T1A               Red Arrows 
XX294                Hawk T1                Red Arrows 
XX307                Hawk T1                Red Arrows 
XV213/213            Hercules C1K           LTW 
XX729/EL             Jaguar GR1A            6 Sqn no mks 
XZ361/T              Jaguar GR1A            41 Sqn 
XX496/D              Jetstream T1           45(R)Sqn 
XV244/44             Nimrod MR2             42(R)Sqn 
XV255/55             Nimrod MR2             Kinloss Wing no mks 
ZE732/AS             Tornado F3             56(R)Sqn 
ZE836/AY             Tornado F3             56(R)Sqn 
ZG735/AZ             Tornado F3             56(R)Sqn no mks 
ZA559/F              Tornado GR1            15(R)Sqn "MacRobert's Reply", demo c/s 
ZG711/E              Tornado GR1A           13 Sqn 
ZD950                Tristar KC1            216 Sqn 
ZF515/515            Tucano T1              1FTS 
XR807/708            VC10 C1K               10 Sqn 
XR505/WA             Wessex HC2             2FTS  "Aries" 
XR511/L              Wessex HC2             60 Sqn 
"ZD472/01"           Harrier GR7 replica    Exhibition Flt 
"XX253"              Hawk T1 replica        Exhibition Flt Red Arrows c/s 
"XX725/GU"           Jaguar GR1 replica     Exhibition Flt 
XW864/CU-54          Gazelle HT2            705 Sqn 
LS326/L2             Swordfish II           RNHF 
XZ216/4              Lynx AH7               656 Sqn 
AT31                 Alpha Jet              9w demo c/s 
MT14                 CM170R                 33sm special c/s 
MT36                 CM170R                 33sm special c/s 
FA74                 F-16A                  10w no mks 
FA115                F-16A                  10w special c/s 
E-598                F-16A                  Esk730 
ET-612               F-16B                  Esk730 
U-277                S.61A                  Esk722 
18/2-FL              Mirage 2000C           EC01.002 
512/2-FI             Mirage 2000B           EC01.002 
4385                 Tornado                JBG38 
4622                 Tornado                MFG2 
6105                 Atlantic               MFG3 
MM62134/46-33        G222                   46BA 
MM54480/0            MB339PAN               Frecce Tricolori 
MM54475/1            MB339PAN               Frecce Tricolori 
MM54486/2            MB339PAN               Frecce Tricolori 
MM54484/3            MB339PAN               Frecce Tricolori 
MM54473/4            MB339PAN               Frecce Tricolori 
MM54482/5            MB339PAN               Frecce Tricolori 
MM54439/6            MB339PAN               Frecce Tricolori 
MM54478/7            MB339PAN               Frecce Tricolori 
MM54445/8            MB339PAN               Frecce Tricolori 
MM54477/9            MB339PAN               Frecce Tricolori 
MM54536/10           MB339PAN               Frecce Tricolori 
LX-N90457            E-3A                   NAEWF 
C-8                  F27-300M               334 Sqn  demo c/s 
J-003                F-16A                  306 Sqn  demo c/s 
J-061                F-16A                  306 Sqn  315 sqn mks 
J-3080               F-5E                   Patrouille Suisse 
J-3091               F-5E                   Patrouille Suisse 
124485/DF-A/G-BEDF   B-17G                  B-17 Preservation Ltd "Sally B"/"Memphis Belle" 
42-67543/KI-S/NX3145X P-38J                 The Fighter Collection "California Cutie" 
'226671'/MX-X/NX47DD P-47M                  The Fighter Collection "No Guts - No Glory!" 
'473877'/B6-S/N167F  P-51D                  Scandinavian Historic Flight "Old Crow" 
'Z5722'/WM-Z/G-BPIV  Blenheim 4             British Aerial Museum 
'Z7381'/XR-T/G-HURI  Hurricane XII          The Fighter Collection 
KL161/VO-B/N8897Z    B-25D                  The Fighter Collection "Grumpy" 

On sports field behind terminal building: 
86-24551             UH-60A                 236MedCo 
88-26054             UH-60A                 236MedCo 

South side: 
87-0031              C-5B                   436AW 
82-0191              KC-10A                 60AMW 
84-0476              MC-130H                7SOS 
85-0012              MC-130H                15SOS 
88-0193              MC-130H                7SOS 
63-7814              C-130E                 67SOS 
69-5820              HC-130N                67SOS 
69-5831              HC-130N                67SOS 
57-1439              KC-135R                351ARS 
57-1456/D            KC-135R                351ARS 
57-1486/D            KC-135R                351ARS "Bockscar" 
62-3541              KC-135R                97ARS 
62-3546              KC-135R                97ARS 
62-3561/D            KC-135R                351ARS "Brute Force" 
63-8023/D            KC-135R                351ARS "Wabash Cannonball" 
63-9792/OF           RC-135V                55W 
64-14844/OF          RC-135V                55W 
91-0409/SP           F-16C                  23FS 
68-10924             MH-53J                 21SOS inside hangar 722 
XX235                Hawk T1                74(R)Sqn demo c/s 
XX244                Hawk T1                74(R)Sqn demo c/s 
XV211                Hercules C1            LTW 
ZF411/411            Tucano T1              1FTS demo c/s 
ZF512/512            Tucano T1              1FTS 
XX436/CU-39          Gazelle HT2            705 Sqn 
ZB646/CU-59          Gazelle HT2            705 Sqn 
XW865                Gazelle AH1            670 Sqn/Blue Eagles 
XW908                Gazelle AH1            670 Sqn/Blue Eagles 
XX375                Gazelle AH1            670 Sqn/Blue Eagles 
XZ349                Gazelle AH1            670 Sqn/Blue Eagles 
ZA726                Gazelle AH1            670 Sqn/Blue Eagles 
XZ641/G              Lynx AH7               671 Sqn/Blue Eagles 
4600                 Tornado                JBG38 
A-324                Alouette III           Grasshoppers 
A-350                Alouette III           Grasshoppers 
A-390                Alouette III           Grasshoppers 
A-453                Alouette III           Grasshoppers 
A-465                Alouette III           Grasshoppers 

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