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Biggin Hill 1975

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Date: 20 September 1975

Made by: anonymous, Alan Macey

Updated: 30 November 2003

XX507           BAe 125 CC.2            32 Sq                
XN977  		Buccaneer S.2           237 OCU              
XX548/06        Bulldog T.1             Lon UAS
XX553/07        Bulldog T.1             Lon UAS
WE113/H         Canberra B.2            85 Sq
WH964/4         Canberra E.15           98 Sq
WZ877/G         Chipmunk T.10           
WB535           Devon C.2                                    
XP515/A         Gnat T.1                CFS
XP534/E         Gnat T.1                CFS
KF314           Harvard                 A&AEE                
XE582/70	Hunter FGA.9            229 OCU
LF363           Hurricane               BoBMF                
XX116/04  	Jaguar GR.1    		226 OCU
XW292/85        J.Provost T.5           CFS
XW434/92        J.Provost T.5           CFS
XR751/R         Lightning F.6           5 Sq
XW200/CX        Puma HC.1               240 OCU
XV651/064       SeaKing HAS.1           
P7350           Spitfire                BoBMF                
SM411           Spitfire                                     
XA937           Victor K.1A             214 Sq               
XT434           Wasp HAS.1              829 Sq/453 Eskimo Flt
XS241           Wessex                  RAE                  
XS877/PO-516    Wessex HAS.1            772 Sq
56              Etendard IVM            17F                  
3               Etendard IVM            17F                  
931             PA-31                                        
C-7             Fk-27                   334 Sq               
D-8343          F-104G                  311/312 Sq           
D-8063          F-104G                  311/312 Sq           
31648           HH-53C                  67 ARRS              

XR362           Belfast C.1             53 Sq     
XH175           Canberra PR.9           39 Sq     
WB533           Devon C.2                         
L8032           Gladiator                         
XV759/40        Harrier GR.1A           233 OCU
XV804/47        Harrier GR.3            233 OCU
XV740		Harrier GR.3		
XX843/W		Jaguar T.2     		226 OCU
XR725/P         Lightning F.6           56 Sq
XR761/A         Lightning F.6           56 Sq
XV259           Nimrod MR.1             42 Sq     
WL790/90        Shackleton AEW2         8 Sq
XV102           VC.10 C.1               10 Sq     
XM575           Vulcan B.2              101 Sq    
50646/LN        F-4D                    48 TFW
50735/LN        F-4D                    48 TFW
564            	CM.170                  P de F  FAF 
545             CM.170                  P de F  FAF
562             CM.170                  P de F  FAF
561             CM.170                  P de F  FAF
541             CM.170                  P de F  FAF
576             CM.170                  P de F  FAF
555             CM.170                  P de F  FAF

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