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Finningley 1974

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Date: 21 September 1974

Made by: David Miller


XL233			Victor B.2		232 OCU	                              
XR808		        VC-10		        10 Sq.	                              
XR369		        Belfast C.1	        53 Sq.	                              
WJ756 		        Canberra E.15	        98 Sq.	                              
XV355		        Buccaneer S.2A	        237 OCU	                              
XA549	E	        Javelin F(AW)1	        Museum	                              
WR977		        Shackleton MR.3	        Museum	                              
XN819		        Argosy C.1	        Museum	                              
65908		        RF-4C		        USAF	                              
XF418		        Hunter F.6	        4 FTS  ?	                      
XX143	F	        Jaguar T.2A	        	                              
WL626	P	        Varsity T.1	        6 FTS	                              
D8337		        F-104G		        RNethAF	                              
WK281	S	        Swift FR.5	        Museum	                              
XD506		        Vampire T.11	        Museum	                              
"WH456"	L	        Meteor F.8	        Museum	act.serial WL168              
SM411	AU-Y	        Spitfire LFXVIe	        	                              
Z7197		        Proctor III	        Museum	                              
WE600		        Auster		        Museum	                              
7570M		        Jet Provost T.1	        Museum	                              
7957M	P-Z	        Provost T.1	        Museum	                              
X4590		        Spitfire 1	        Museum	                              
112372		        ME262		        Museum	                              
WZ736		        Avro 707	        Museum	                              
XS728	E	        Domini T.1	        6 FTS	                              
XX485		        Jetstream T.1	        	                              
XX534	17	        Bulldog T.1	        from Church Fenton            
XR672	V	        Jet Provost T.4	        6 FTS	                              
XV409		        Phantom FGR.2	        228 OCU / 64 Sq.	              
XV759	40	        Harrier GR.3	        233 OCU	                              
WB533		        Devon C.2/2	        21 Sq.	                              
63-829		        C-130		        USAF	                              
XM651		        Vulcan B.2	        Waddington Wing	                      
XM652		        Vulcan B.2	        	                              
PA474		        Lancaster	        BoBMF	                              
C-5		        F-27 Troopship	        334 Sq. RNethAF	                      
		        Wright Flyer 	        Replica  BAPC.28	Hanger Display
Flying / Flightlines:				
XS732	B		Domini T.1		6 FTS	            
XP560	W	        Jet Provost T.4	        6 FTS	            
XP640		        Jet Provost T.4	        6 FTS	            
XP557	T	        Jet Provost T.4	        6 FTS	            
XP680	Q	        Jet Provost T.4	        6 FTS	            
XP567	R	        Jet Provost T.4	        6 FTS	            
XR704	N	        Jet Provost T.4	        6 FTS	            
XR667	P	        Jet Provost T.4	        6 FTS	            
XP686	S	        Jet Provost T.4	        6 FTS	            
WJ915	W	        Varsity T.1	        6 FTS	            
WJ919	P	        Varsity T.1	        6 FTS	            
WL668	X	        Varsity T.1	        6 FTS	            
XV200		        Hercules C.1	        LTW	            
XW426	53	        Jet Provost T.5	        3 FTS	"The Swords"
XW370	49	        Jet Provost T.5	        3 FTS	"The Swords"
XW326	40	        Jet Provost T.5	        3 FTS	"The Swords"
XW407	50	        Jet Provost T.5	        3 FTS	"The Swords"
XW428	54	        Jet Provost T.5	        3 FTS	"The Swords"
XW424	52	        Jet Provost T.5	        3 FTS	"The Swords"
XW315	30	        Jet Provost T.5	        3 FTS	            
G-BAEA		        Pitts S2A	        "Rothmans Team"	    
G-BADX		        Pitts S2A	        "Rothmans Team"	    
G-BADY		        Pitts S2A	        "Rothmans Team"	    
G-BADZ		        Pitts S2A	        "Rothmans Team"	    
XJ724		        Whirlwind HAR10		            
XT607	AP	        Wessex HC.2	        72 Sq.	   
XT671	AD	        Wessex HC.2	        72 Sq.	   
XT669	AT	        Wessex HC.2	        72 Sq.	   
XR524	AF	        Wessex HC.2	        72 Sq.	   
XV723	AQ	        Wessex HC.2	        72 Sq.	   
XV756	34	        Harrier GR.3		233 OCU    
XP754	R	        Lightning F.3 	        111 Sq.	   
XP696	696	        Lightning F.3	        226 OCU	   
XV572	N	        Phantom FG.1	        43 Sq.	   
XV360		        Buccaneer S.2A	        237 OCU	    
D6697		        F-104G			R.Neth.A.F	            
XV251		        Nimrod MR.1		St.Mawgan Wing	    
XR368		        Belfast C.1		53 Sq.	            
XV186			Hercules C.1		LTW	
XW898	G	        Gazelle HT.3	        CFS	
XW910	K	        Gazelle HT.3	        CFS	
XW870	F	        Gazelle HT.3	        CFS	
XW862	D	        Gazelle HT.3	        CFS	
XW852	A	        Gazelle HT.3	        CFS    
XV807	47	        Harrier GR.1	        233 OCU
XX114	2	        Jaguar GR.1	        226 OCU
XX727	21	        Jaguar GR.1	        226 OCU
XV442	F	        Phantom FGR.2	        6 Sq.  
XV481	H	        Phantom FGR.2	        6 Sq.  
XV499	G	        Phantom FGR.2	        6 Sq.  
XT908	P	        Phantom FGR.2	        6 Sq.  
XV762	44	        Harrier GR.1	        233 OCU

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