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Biggin Hill 1978

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Date: 20 May 1978

Made by: Ron Nieuwland, Peter A Hambelton

Updated: 4 September 2001

XP514		Gnat T1 	Red Arrows
XP535 		Gnat T1 	Red Arrows
XR540		Gnat T1 	Red Arrows
XR572		Gnat T1 	Red Arrows
XR955		Gnat T1 	Red Arrows
XR977		Gnat T1 	Red Arrows
XR987		Gnat T1 	Red Arrows
XR991		Gnat T1 	Red Arrows
XR993		Gnat T1 	Red Arrows
XS101		Gnat T1 	Red Arrows
XS107		Gnat T1 	Red Arrows
'XX724'		Jaguar mock-up
XW898/G		Gazelle		CFS
XW902/H		Gazelle		CFS
XV581/E 	Phantom		43 sq
XV207		Hercules	LTW		Falcons support
NZ7004 		C-130		40 sq/RNZAF
T-404		T-17		Karup Station Flt
4104/12		Bf109E-3 	ex DG200/8477M 
T.2B-272		Casa 352L  
N99160		T-28		'491634'
N99163		T-28
XH304		Vampire
WF791		Meteor 
FT229 (G-AZKI)	Harvard 
HB751		Fairey Argus
RM221 (G-ANXR)	Percival Proctor
WP855		DHC-1 Chipmunk
XR269 (G-BDXY)	Auster
WG348 		Chipmunk T.10 
MH434 (G-ASJV)	Spitfire
P7350 		Spitfire	BBMF
PZ865/JU-Q	Hurricane 	BBMF
VP952		Devon 		207 sq
LS326/5A 	Swordfish 	RNHF
TF956/123 	Sea Fury
WB271/204R	Firefly	AS.6	Fleet Air Arm Hist Flt
VX302/M (G-BCOV)Sea Fury T
XL839/588-CU 	Whirlwind	Exhib. unit
485784 (G-BEDF/N17TE) B-17	'Sally B'
322612 (N3710G) A-26C 
76-0032/BT 	F-15A		36TFW 
65-0908/AR	RF-4C		10TRW
104799		CF-104		421 sq
104845		CF-104		421 sq
104866		CF-104		421 sq
104891		CF-104		421 sq
104856		CF-104		421 sq
81/12-ZC	Mirage F1	EC12
87/12-ZI	Mirage F1	EC12
100/12-ZL	Mirage F1	EC12
101/12-ZM	Mirage F1	EC12

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