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Binbrook 1978

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Date: 26 August 1978

Made by: Eric Tammer

Updated: &bnsp;

XX199 114  		Hawk T1  	TWU
XE656 35  		Hunter F6  	TWU
XP820  			Beaver  	6Flt
XX495 72  		Jetstream T1  	3FTS
XW423 55  		Jet Provost T5  3FTS
K4009  			NF5B  		316sq
X747 17  		Jaguar GR1  	226OCU
35+40, 35+28  		RF4E 		AKG51
34+26  			G91T  		WS50
23+35  			F104G  		JaboG32
BT76-025, 76-037  	F15A 		36TFW
XV583 G, 572 N  	Phantom FG1  	43sq
XR728 D 		Lightning F6  	LTF
XP751  			Lightning F3  	5sq
XP753 S			Lightning F3   	5sq

On the field:
XR753 A, XR770 B	Lightning  	5sq
XS 899C, XS931 D	Lightning  	5sq
XR747 E, XS919 F	Lightning  	5sq
XS921 H, XS898 J	Lightning  	5sq
XR726 K, XS928 L	Lightning  	5sq
XR718 P, XT749		Lightning  	5sq
XS419 T  		Lightning  	5sq
XR754 A, XR769 B  	Lightning  	11sq
XR772 C, XR773 D  	Lightning  	11sq
XR727 F, XS901 G  	Lightning  	11sq
XS897 H, XS923 J  	Lightning  	11sq
XP749 A, XP750 B  	Lightning  	LTF
XR716 C, XS416 V  	Lightning  	LTF
XS459 X, XS457 Y  	Lightning  	LTF

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