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Leuchars 1970

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Date: 19 September 1970

Made by:

Updated: 14 June 2005

Basset CC Mk.1          XS780  207 Sdn. 
Britannia C Mk.1        XM498  99/511 Sdn. 
Camel F1 Replica        D3419  Hangered. 
Canberra T Mk.4         XH583  98 Sdn. 
Chipmunk T Mk.10        WB567  12 AEF. 
4 Chipmunk T Mk.10s     WD388  WK554  WP808  WP830  East Lowlands UAS. 
Chipmunk T Mk.10        WK581  St Andrews UAS. 
Devon C Mk.2            VP971  207 Sdn. 
Dominie T Mk.1          XS737  K/6 FTS. 
Gnat Prototype          XK740  71 MU. 
2 Gnat T Mk.1s          XP533/33  XR983/53  4 FTS. 
Harrier GR Mk.1         XV793  Wittering Wing. 
Hastings C Mk.1A        TG568  SCBS. 
Hercules C Mk.1         XV298  Fairford Wing. 
Jet Provost T Mk.4      XP638  31/CAW. 
Jet Provost T Mk.5      XW312  71/1 FTS. 
4 Jet Provost T Mk.5s   XW300/58  XW304/62  XW306/65 XW309/68  1 FTS, The Blades. 
Lightning F Mk.1        XM135  Leuchars TFF. 
Lightning F Mk.1A       XM177  Leuchars TFF. 
2 Lightning F Mk.3s     XP745/H  XP747/S  29 Sdn. 
Lightning F Mk.1        XM145  Leuchars TFF. 
Lightning T Mk.5        XS416  T/11 Sdn. 
Lightning T Mk.5        XS417  Z/23 Sdn. 
Lightning F Mk.6        XS919  C/11 Sdn. 
2 Lightning F Mk.6s     XS935/J  XS934/K  11 Sdn. 
4 Lightning F Mk.6s     XS929/E  XS920/F  XS932/H  XR723/L  11 Sdn. 
Lightning F Mk.6        XR760  H/23 Sdn. 
2 Lightning F Mk.6s     XS936/B  XR754/M  23 Sdn. 
3 Lightning F Mk.6s     XR728/D  XR727/F  XR747/K  23 Sdn. 
6 Phantom FG Mk.1s      XV571/A  XV574/B  XV575/C  XV576/D XV581/E  XT874/J  43 Sdn. 
Phantom FG Mk.1         XV585  H/43 Sdn. 
Phantom FG Mk.1         XT875  K/43 Sdn. 
Phantom FG Mk.1         XV584  43 Sdn, recently delivered from 23 MU. 
Phantom FG Mk.1         XT858 VL/724  In hanger, ex Rolls-Royce. 
Phantom FGR Mk.2        XV582  F/43 Sdn. 
Phantom FGR Mk.2        XT905  228 OCU. 
Spitfire LF Mk.16E      TB252  GW-H/ex Boulmer. 
Spitfire PR Mk.19       PS915  Ex West Malling. 
Spitfire PR Mk.19       PS853  BoB Flight. 
Sedbergh TX Mk.1        WB922  4/662 GS. 
Swallow TX Mk.1         XS652  662 GS. 
3 Varsity T Mk.1s       WL626/P  WF382/Q  WL668/X  6 FTS. 
VC.10 C Mk.1            XV106  10 Sdn. 
VC.10 C Mk.1            XV108  10 Sdn. 
Victor K Mk.1           XA926  57 Sdn. 
Victor K Mk.1           XA938  214 Sdn. 
Victor K Mk.1A          XH618  57 Sdn. 
Wessex HC Mk.2          XV719  AA/72 Sdn. 
2 Whirlwind HAR Mk.10s  XD186  XJ723  C Flight 202 Sdn. 
Vulcan B Mk.2           XM653  Waddington Wing. 
Buccaneer S Mk.2        XV340 LM/644  736 Sdn. 
Buccaneer S Mk.2        XV865 LM/652  736 Sdn. 
Hunter T Mk.8           XL602 LM/699  736 Sdn. 
Hunter GA Mk.11         WT723 LM/692  764 Sdn. 
Sea Vixen FAW Mk.2      XJ607 VL/715  766 Sdn. 
Beaver AL Mk.1          XP824  15 Flight 667 Sdn. 
3 F-104Gs               FX-18  FX-84  FX-91  360 Sdn. 
F.27M                   C-10  334 Sdn. 
F-104G                  D-6652  322 Sdn. 
F-5A-35-NO              14902  DP-I/718 Skv, FY67. 
F-5B-25-NO              14907  DP-X/718 Skv, FY67. 
F-100D                  56-3248  'LS', 493 TFS 48 TFW. 
F-100F                  56-3884  'LS', 493 TFS 48 TFW. 

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