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Wyton 1984

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Date: 14 July 1984

Made by: Paul Tiller


XS644        Andover C.1
XT283/G      Buccaneer S.2B
XX895/OF     Buccaneer S.2B
XX617/04     Bulldog T.1
WE113/BJ     Canberra B.2
WH848/BD     Canberra T.4
WJ567/CC     Canberra B.2
WJ817        Canberra PR.7
WK127        Canberra TT.18
WK146        Canberra B.2
WT519        Canberra PR.7
XH132        Canberra SC.9
XH165        Canberra PR.9
XS525        Comet MK4.C
XS728/E      Dominie T.1
XX250        Hawk T.1
XV183/183    Hercules C.3P
XV222/222    Hercules C.3P
XV303/303    Hercules C.3P
XE643        Hunter FGA.9     (nose section only)
XZ363/A      Jaguar Gr.1
XS219        Jet Provost T.4
XW325        Jet Provost T.5A
XX482        Jetsream T.1
XP749/BK2    Lightning F.3
XR718/BK1    Lightning F.3
ZA397        Tornado Gr.1
ZA555/555    Tornado Gr.1
ZA142/C      VC.10 K2
WZ507        Vampire T.11
XM717        Victor K2
40-70        Alpha Jet           German AF
16-23        HFB-320 Hansa Jet   German AF
041          Falcon 20ECM        R Norwegian AF
80-0227/WR   A-10A               USAF
81-0956/WR   A-10A               USAF
81-0962/WR   A-10A               USAF
68-0561/AR   RF-4C               USAF
74-1559/59   F-5E                USAF
79-0067/BT   F-15C               USAF
79-0074/BT   F-15C               USAF
66-0056/UH   EF-111A             USAF
80-1070      TR-1A               USAF
72-21569     UH-1H               US Army
70-15261     OH-58A              US Army
150494/JQ25  EP-3                USN/VQ-2

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