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Duxford 1999(2)

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Date: 12 September 1999

Made by: Martyn Steggalls


Static (in front of barrier, from M11 end):
ZD431   	Harrier GR7
ZD406   	Harrier GR7
ZA588/TM   	Tornado GR1
ZA321/TAB   	Tornado GR1
G-SIAL  	Hunter          "J-4090"
G-UNNY  	Strikemaster
G-OTAF?  	L-39            "111"
G-LOSM  	Meteor          "WM167"
N36TH   	T-33            in Thunderbird c/s
G-DHWW  	Venom           "XG775"
.-....  	Vampire         "VV612"
G-BVWC  	Canberra        "WK163"

Static (on grass over taxiway, from M11 end):
G-BYDR?  	Mitchell        
G-RUMM          Bearcat         "21714"             
G-RUMW          Wildcat         "F"                 
G-RUMT          Tigercat        "80425"             
G-EEMV          Sea Fury        "WH588"             
G-BXUL          Corsair         "NZ5468"            
G-OXVI          Spitfire        "TD248"             
G-THUN          Thunderbolt     "226671"            
G-AKAZ          J3C Cub         "K57"               
G-BWRA          Sopwith Triplane"N500"              
G-APAO          DH.82A                              
G-BXCV          DHC-1           "WP929"             
LN-AMY          Harvard                             
G-VROE          Anson           "WD413"             
G-APRS          Twin Pin                            
N47FK           Dakota                              
D-CDLH          Ju.52/3         D-AQUI
G-MKVB          Spitfire        "BM597"
G-BTDP          Avenger         "53319"             
ZK-RMH          P.40            "NZ3009"            
G-HURI          Hurricane       "Z7381"            
N167F           Mustang         "473877"            
G-BTCD          Mustang         "463221"            
G-BPIV          Blenheim                           
N167B           Invader         "434602"            
G-AJVH          Swordfish       "LS326"             
XT131           Soiux                               
XT626           Scout                               
XR379           Aloutte                             
G-AIYR          DH.89A                              
G-AKIF          DH.89A                              
G-AMPZ          Dakota          "KN442"             
G-ARHW          DH.104                              
G-BKGL          Be18            "1164"
Plus 5 other WW1 planes: 3 SE-5A, Fokker Triplane and Nieuport(?)

Others in Flying display:
G-AEPH  	Bristol Fighter  
G-AZWT?  	Lysander
G-AMRK  	Gladiator
PA474   	Lancater        (landed after its display)
PS915   	Spitfire        (landed after its display)
G-AENP  	Hind

Visitors (far side from M11 end):
G-EPED?  	Pa31
G-AYMO?  	Aztec
.-....  	Pa32
D-EKBI  	TB-20   
.-....  	Cub       	(Belgium AF markings? - dep to Luxemborg)
.-....  	Pa28
G-ZLOJ  	BeA36
G-CRIL  	RC.112
G-BORK  	Pa28-161
OO-OSA  	Ce550
G-DAKK  	Dakota
N20RJ   	Be35
PH-AST  	Pa31-350
G-AORB  	Ce170
G-BKZI  	B.206A
G-OMAT  	Pa28-140	
G-BXCB  	A.109A
G-BCTK  	Ce172J
G-BOFZ  	Pa28-161
G-BEZK  	Ce172H
G-BXRL  	Scout
G-BRUJ/205  	Stearman
G-BBTG  	Ce172M
G-ASFL  	Pa28-180
G-USSY  	Pa28-181
G-BBBN  	Pa28-180
What looked like G-BJME(?) & OO-GDM where both on the booking out sheet
but can't tie them in with the gaps above....

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