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Culdrose 2015

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Culdrose Air day 2015
Date: 30 July 2015
N-324 NH90-NFH 860sq  
25 C295M 13 ELTr  
ZZ500 Avenger T1 750SQ  
WK608/906 Chipmunk T10 RNHF  
ZJ238/Y Griffin HT1 60(R)sq  
(XV786) Harrier GR3 (Cockpit) Fire Service  
XZ440/DD-40 Sea Harrier F/A2 SFDO    
ZD579/DD-79 Sea Harrier F/A2 SFDO    
ZD990/DD-T90 Harrier T8 SFDO  
ZE692/DD-92 Sea Harrier F/A2 SFDO    
ZH803/DD-03 Sea Harrier F/A2 SFDO    
XX157 Hawk T1A 736sq  
ZH836 Merlin HM2 829sq  
ZH864/66 Merlin HM2 814sq  
ZJ129/N Merlin HC3 MFSU  
XV671/83 Sea King ASaC7 849sq    
ZF117/X Sea King HC4 848sq  
ZA456/Spl Tornado GR4 Marham Wing $
ZZ379 Wildcat HMA2 825sq  
G-BARS “Port AF1377” Chipmunk T10 ex WK520  
G-BCGC Chipmunk T10 ex WP903  
G-BLUZ Queen Bee ex LF858  
G-BNPH Pembroke C1 ex WV740  
G-CBAN Bulldog T1 ex XX668/1  
G-CBSI Gazelle HT3 exXZ934/U  
G-CBSK Gazelle HT3 ex ZB627/A  
G-ZZLE Gazelle HT2 ex XX436  
Hangar C.1:
ZH824/83 Merlin HM2 824sq  
Hangar D.1
XT453/B-PO Wessex HU5 Preserved  
XV670/17, XV661/26 Sea King HU5SAR771sq    
XV666/21, XV670/17 Sea King HU5SAR771sq    
Hangar 736:
XX161/161, XX217/217 Hawk T1A 736sq  
XX261, XX337 Hawk T1A 736sq  
XX316/CU-849 Hawk T1A 736sq  
Far side:
114, 115 MiG-29M 1.SLT  
J-5007, J-5012 F/A-18C nb  
ZA712/W Chinook HC4 Odiham Wing $
ZH832/85, ZH834/84 Merlin HM2 824sq  
ZH843/12 Merlin HM2 829sq  
ZZ380, ZZ516 Wildcat HMA2 825sq  
G-BXFI Hunter T7 ex WV372  
G-FGID Corsair IV KD345/130  
MB339A/PAN (MLU) of 313° Gruppo AA, Frecce Tricolori:
MM54510/1, MM55058/2, M54475/3, M55059, M55053/5, M54482/6
MM55055/7, MM54517/8, MM54479/9, MM54500/10, MM55054/11
XX159, XX301 Hawk T1A 736sq  
XV673/27 Sea King HU5SAR771sq    
XZ731/306 Lynx HMA8SRU 815sq MI Flt    
XZ920/24, ZA166/16 Sea King HU5SAR771sq    
ZE422/92 Sea King ASaC7 849sq    
Flight Line Static Side:
W5856/4A Swordfish IV RNHF  
G-KAMY AT-6D ex USAAF 42-85068  
G-KASX Seafire XVII SX336/VL-105  
G-KITT P-40M ex USAAF 43-5802  
G-MOUR ‘XR992’ Gnat T1 ex XS102  
G-ONAA OV-10B ex GAF 98+18  
G-RORI Gnat T1 ex XR538  
G-RUMW Wildcat FM2 ex USN 86711  
G-TIMM ‘XS111’ Gnat T1 ex XP504  
G-VIXN Sea Vixen D3 RNHF ex XS587  
SFDO Area:
ZZ501, ZZ502 Avenger T1 750sq  
ZZ503 Avenger T1 750sq  
ZF641/641 EH-101 SFDO  
ZD611/12 Sea Harrier F/A2 SFDO    
XT761 Wessex HU5 SFDO  
XT771/PO-620 Wessex HU5 SFDO  
Sea Harrier SFDO Ground Display:
ZE690/DD-90, ZH797/DD-97 Sea Harrier F/A2 SFDO
ZH802/DD-02, ZH813/DD-13 Sea Harrier F/A2 SFDO
WF225/CU Sea Hawk F1 Gate Guard  
ZA111/CU-565 Jetstream T2 GIA  


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