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Yeovilton 1974

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Date: 21 September 1974

Made by: Paul Carr, Alan Macey, Tony Szulc

Updated: 2 January 2011

Mirage VBA              	BA-23 (RBAF)
Mirage VBD		     	BD-01 (RBAF) 
F-104G Starfighter  		FX-20 (RBAF)
F-104G Starfighter  		FX-23 (RBAF)
F-104G Starfighter  		FX-60 (RBAF) 
S-35XD Draken         		AR-110  (RDAF)
Sk-35XD	Draken     		AT-152  (RDAF) 
Etendard IV              	5, 63 (FrN) 
MS Paris                     	46  (FrN) 
Mirage IIIE              	427/2-LG (FrAF)
Mirage IIIE              	447/2-LH (FrAF) 
Hercules C-130H     		MM61995/46-09
G.91PAN                 	MM6241/2  (Frecce Tricolori)
G.91PAN                 	MM6242/4  (Frecce Tricolori)
G.91PAN                 	MM6244/3  (Frecce Tricolori)
G.91PAN                 	MM6248/1  (Frecce Tricolori)
G.91PAN                 	MM6250/12 (Frecce Tricolori)
G.91PAN                 	MM6261/14 (Frecce Tricolori)
G.91PAN                 	MM6264/6  (Frecce Tricolori)
G.91PAN                 	MM6265/13 (Frecce Tricolori)
G.91PAN                 	MM6311/8  (Frecce Tricolori)
G.91PAN                 	MM6243/10 (Frecce Tricolori)
G.91PAN                 	MM6254/15 (Frecce Tricolori)
Buccaneer S.2A            	XV360 (237OCU)
Bulldog T1                	XX520/2  (2FTS)
Bulldog T1                	XX526/8  (2FTS)
Bulldog T1                	XX528/10 (2FTS)
Canberra T.4			WJ866/849
Canberra TT.18           	WJ717/VL-841 
Canberra TT.18			WK126/843
Canberra TT.18			WE122/845
Canberra TT.18			WJ614/846
Canberra T.22            	WH780/VL-853
Canberra T.22            	WH797/VL-851
Canberra T.22            	WT535/VL-852 
Canberra T.22			WH801 
Chipmunk T.10            	WK574 
Chipmunk T.10            	WK622
Dragonfly Hr.3			WG719
Gannet AEW.3          		XL481/LM-761 (849sq HQ Flt) 
Gazelle HT.2		     	XW861/CU-463 
Gnat T.1                  	XP514 (Red Arrows)
Gnat T.1                  	XP531 (Red Arrows)
Gnat T.1                  	XR540 (Red Arrows)
Gnat T.1                  	XR955 (Red Arrows)
Gnat T.1                  	XR987 (Red Arrows)
Gnat T.1                  	XR991 (Red Arrows)
Gnat T.1                  	XR993 (Red Arrows)
Gnat T.1                  	XS101 (Red Arrows)
Gnat T.1                  	XS107 (Red Arrows)
Gnat T.1                  	XS111 (Red Arrows)
Hercules C-130K C.1 		XV186 
Hiller Raven HT.1            	XS706/CU540 
Hurricane IIc         		LF363/LE-D (BBMF) 
Hunter T.7           		XL600/83 (4FTS)
Hunter T.8C                     WT722/VL-872
Hunter T.8C	                XF357/VL-870   
Hunter T.8C                     XL598/VL-871
Hunter T.8M                     XL580/VL-743   
Hunter GA.11                    XL584/VL-874   
Hunter GA.11                    WT711/VL-837                                  
Hunter GA.11                    WV267/VL-836                                  
Hunter GA.11                    XE689/VL-864                                  
Hunter GA.11                    XF977/VL-865                                  
Jet Provost T.4          	XR670/64 (3FTS) on FRADTU apron
Jet Provost T.4          	XS177/67 (3FTS) on FRADTU apron
Lightning F.3             	XP696
Lightning F.3             	XP754/R (111sq) 
Lynx HAS.2                	XX910 
Nimrod MR.1               	XV251 
Phantom FGR.2           	XT895/P (6sq)
Puma HC.1                 	XW237 
Scout AH.1                	XP908 (RM) 
Sea King HAS.1            	XV675/PO-665 
Sioux AH.1                	XT126/B (3CBAS) 
Spitfire Vb              	AB910/QJ-J (BBMF)
Swordfish II          		LS326/5A (RNHF) 
Twin Pioneer 3           	XT610 (A&AEE) 
Vampire T.11              	XH304 (Vintage Pair) 
Vulcan B.2              	XM652 
Wasp HAS.1                	XV624/417 
Wessex HAS.1             	XS866 
Wessex HAS.3             	XM870/PO-652 
Wessex HU.5              	XS481/WZ
Wessex HU.5              	XS489/VK
Wessex HU.5              	XS495/VC
Wessex HU.5              	XS496/VR
Wessex HU.5              	XS506/VO
Wessex HU.5              	XS508/VM
Wessex HU.5              	XS511/VP
Wessex HU.5              	XS512/XG
Wessex HU.5              	XS513/WS
Wessex HU.5              	XS517/WV
Wessex HU.5              	XS520/XB
Wessex HU.5              	XS522/VJ
Wessex HU.5              	XT466/VL
Wessex HU.5              	XT473/VQ
Wessex HU.5              	XT475/WN
Wessex HU.5              	XT476/XC
Wessex HU.5              	XT482/WQ
Wessex HU.5              	XT486/WW
Wessex HU.5              	XT755/VD
Wessex HU.5              	XT756/WM
Wessex HU.5              	XT759/VN
Wessex HU.5              	XT761/VU
Wessex HU.5              	XT766/VE
Wessex HU.5              	XT769/VW
Whirlwind HAR.9           	XN258/CU-589 
Spitfire Tr.8	     		G-AIDN 
Tipsy Trainer                	G-AISC 
Heron 2D                  	G-AOTI (R-R) 
PA-30-160C                   	G-AXDL (NEA) 
Concorde                 	G-AXDN 
Cessna F.172L                	G-AZKW 
PA-34-200-2                  	G-BARB 
HS125-600B                  	G-BARR (R-R) 
PA-23-250E                   	G-BBHF 
Gazelle 1                 	G-BCHM
Harrier T.52              	G-VTOL 

Hangar 1:
Sea Fury FB.II			WJ231
Tiger Moth			T8191

Hangar 2:
Wessex HAS.1			XM843
Wessex HAS.1			XM868
Wessex HU.5			XS507
Wessex HU.5			XT450
Wessex HU.5			XT464/XE

Hangar 3:
Wessex HU.5			XS479/VV (B,848 Sq)
Wessex HU.5			XS509/WO (VL,707 Sq)
Wessex HU.5			XS521
Wessex HU.5			XT450/WU (VL,707 Sq)
Wessex HU.5			XT463/VS (B,848 Sq)
Wessex HU.5			XT467/WY (VL,707 Sq)
Wessex HU.5			XT479/WY (VL,707 Sq)
Wessex HU.5			XT483/WU (VL,707 Sq)
Wessex HU.5			XT485/VT (B,848 Sq)
Wessex HU.5			XT771/WR (VL,707 Sq)

Hangar 5 NASU:
Wessex HAS.3			XM837 
Wessex HAS.1			XP117/PO-527 (771 Sq)
Wessex HU.5			XS483/F (H,845 Sq)
Wessex HU.5			XS485/V (H,845 Sq)
Wessex HU.5			XS491/XL (846 Sq)
Wessex HU.5			XS492
Wessex HU.5			XS493/R (H,845 Sq)
Wessex HU.5			XT469
Wessex HU.5			XT474
Wessex HU.5			XT459/VB-B (848 Sq)

Hangar 9:
Chipmunk T.10			WP906
Devon C.2/2			VP974
Heron C.3			XM296 (FONAC)
Sea Devon C.20			XK896 

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