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Aldergrove 1997

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Date: 22 June 1997

Made by: Kevin Hall


FB-15 		F-16B 		FAB  OCS
E-602 		F-16A 		DAF Esk 730
ET-022 		F-16B 		DAF Esk 730
MM..../32-15	AMX  		IAF
MM..../32-17	AMX  		IAF
XX699/F  	Bulldog T1 	8 AEF
ZG510/81  	Harrier GR7  	4 SQN
XX287 		Hawk T1 	208(R) SQN
XX310 		Hawk T1 	208(R) SQN
XV306 		Hercules C1 	LTW
XV241 		Nimrod MR2 	206 SQN
XW214/AB 	Puma HC1 	72 SQN
XW217/NK 	Puma HC1 	230 SQN
ZF121/VJ 	Sea King HC4 	846 SQN
ZE908/HV 	Tornado F3  	111 SQN
ZF417 		Tucano T1 	1 FTS
ZH116 		Vigilant T1 	664 VGS
ZH209 		Vigilant T1 	664 VGS
XR498/X 	Wessex HC2  	72 SQN

XX698/9 	Bulldogs T1 	CFS
WK608/906 	Chipmunk T10  	RNHF
XZ299 		Gazelle AH1 	665 SQN
ZG846 		Islander AL1   	1 FLT
XZ101/D 	Jaguar GR1A  	16(R) SQN 
XZ198 		Lynx AH7 	655 SQN
WV908 		Sea Hawk FGA6  	RNHF
ZE737/FF 	Tornado F3 	25 SQN
ZE165/ZK 	Tornado F3 	25 SQN
JV482  		Wildcat 4 	Private

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