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Stafford 1977

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Date: 16 July 1977

Made by: David Miller


XW218	CZ	Puma HC.1		241 OCU	
XK740		Gnat F.1		from RAF Cosford Museum	
191904	25	ME163			from RAF Cosford Museum	
WL925		Cadet TX.3		
XK987/ 8393M	Whirlwind HAR.10	ex Brize Norton	
XN962		Buccaneer S.1		nose section only	
WK756		Chipmunk T.10		cockpit section only	
Hangar Display:
"A1742"		Bristol Scout          	Replica   		
no serial	Bleriot XI		from RAF Cosford	
Flying Display:				
XV535 	P	Phantom FG.1		43 Sq.
TF956	123/T	Sea Fury FB.11		FAA Historic Flight
XW422	68	Jet Provost T.5A	CFS
XP333	G	Whirlwind HAR.10	2 FTS
XH304		Vampire T.11		CFS Historic Flight
WF791		Meteor T.7		CFS Historic Flight
N81AC		Akro	
PA474	KM-B	Lancaster		BoBMF
AB910		Spitfire		BoBMF
PZ864		Hurricane		BoBMF
G-AXXH		Islander		Parachute Drop 
XX515	7	Bulldog T.1		RNEFTS
XX520	2	Bulldog T.1		RNEFTS
+ the Red Arrows			
Pleasure Flights:			
G-BBIP		Hughes 269	
G-BCDW		Hughes 269	

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