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Chivenor 1990

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Date: 25 July 1990

Made by: David Robins, Ian Old

Updated: 3 November 2002

ZD400/02                HARRIER GR5             1SQN
XX278                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX189/J                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN   
XX202/P                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX332/F                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XW430/58                J.PROVOST T5A           CFS
XV582/M                 PHANTOM FG1             111SQN
RM689/MN-E              SPITFIRE XIV            RR / G-ALGT
ZA461/DK                TORNADO GR1             31SQN
ZE831/EW                TORNADO F3              23SQN
ZF210                   TUCANO T1               7FTS
MT44                    CM170R                  FAB
A014                    A35XD                   RDAF / Esk725

XS644                   ANDOVER E3A             115SQN
ZB626/L                 GAZELLE HT3             2FTS
ZD348/G                 HARRIER GR5             233OCU
ZD376/F                 HARRIER GR5             233OCU
XX158                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX195                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX203                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX246                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX282                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX320                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX258                   HAWK T1A                1TWU / 79SQN
XX219/T                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX230/M                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX265/U                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX281/O                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX326/A                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX329/C                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX317                   HAWK T1A                1TWU / 234SQN
XX339                   HAWK T1A                1TWU / 234SQN
XX227                   HAWKT1A                 CFS / Red Arrows
XX237                   HAWKT1A                 CFS / Red Arrows
XX252                   HAWKT1A                 CFS / Red Arrows
XX253                   HAWKT1A                 CFS / Red Arrows
XX264                   HAWKT1A                 CFS / Red Arrows
XX266                   HAWKT1A                 CFS / Red Arrows
XX294                   HAWKT1A                 CFS / Red Arrows
XX306                   HAWKT1A                 CFS / Red Arrows
XX307                   HAWKT1A                 CFS / Red Arrows
XX308                   HAWKT1A                 CFS / Red Arrows
XW429/C                 J.PROVOST T5B           6FTS
XW325/E                 J.PROVOST T5B           6FTS
XT895/CJ                PHANTOM FGR2            228OCU
XT900/CO                PHANTOM FGR2            228OCU
XW208/C                 PUMA HC1                33SQN
ZE292/AU                TORNADO F3              229OCU
ZE252/AY                TORNADO F3              229OCU
ZE907                   TORNADO F3              229OCU
ZF145                   TUCANO T1               7FTS
ZF242                   TUCANO T1               7FTS
XW903/E                 GAZELLE AH1             670SQN
ZB693/Y                 GAZELLE AH1             670SQN
XZ611/H                 LYNX AH1                671SQN
XT646/Z                 SCOUT AH1               666SQN
FA82                    F16A                    FAB / 31SQN
FA89                    F16A                    FAB / 23SQN
AT158                   Sk35XD                  RDAF / Esk729
A350                    ALOUETTE III            Klu / Grasshoppers
A351                    ALOUETTE III            Klu / Grasshoppers
A390                    ALOUETTE III            Klu / Grasshoppers
A465                    ALOUETTE III            Klu / Grasshoppers
A499                    ALOUETTE III            Klu / Grasshoppers
N58566                  BT13
VP981                   DEVON C2                BBMF
G-AZSC                  HARVARD T2B             
PZ865/RF-U              HURRICANE IIc           BBMF
N1344                   PT22
41-15510/855            PT22                    N56421
43-437/23               PT23                    N49272
PS853/C                 SPITFIRE XIX            BBMF
53319/RB319             TBM3R                   N3966A

Hangar B:
XX337/K                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN

Hangar G:
WP833/A                 CHIPMUNK T10            4AEF
XX157                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX256                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX263                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX285/R                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX301/L                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX330/D                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX257                   HAWK T1A                CFS / Red Arrows (wreck)
XF509                   HUNTER F6

Hangar H:
XX254                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX255                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX289                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN

22 Sqn hangar:
XR507                   WESSEX HC2              22SQN
XT670                   WESSEX HC2              22SQN
XV729                   WESSEX HC2              22SQN
XD186                   WHIRLWIND HAR10         PRESERVED

WJ629                   CANBERRA TT18           BDRT
XX321                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX331                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX334                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX346                   HAWK T1A                2TWU / 63SQN
XX201/N                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX204/H                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX205/V                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX228/Q                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX284/E                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX322/W                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX325/X                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XX335/I                 HAWK T1A                2TWU / 151SQN
XN632                   J.PROVOST T3            BDRT

Flying only:
XV248                   NIMROD MR2P             St Mawgan WG
XH558                   VULCAN B2               VDF
79-0127/WR      r       A10A                    81TFW
..-..../WR      r       A10A                    81TFW
12667                   WC135B                  10ACCS
LX-N90442               E3A                     NATO
J-058                   F16A                    Klu / 315SQN

Unknown location:
Jaguar GR.1A 
XX767/GE		Jaguar GR1A		54sq
XZ373/GF		Jaguar GR1A		54sq
XZ381/GB		Jaguar GR1A		54sq
XZ394/GN		Jaguar GR1A		54sq
G-AGZZ			Tiger Moth 		"A17-503"
N54922			Stearman

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