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Aldergrove 1962

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Date: 15 September 1962

Made by: John A. Smith


WP907            CHIPMUNK T10 
VV244            ANSON C19 
WJ897/E          VARSITY T1 
WF784            METEOR T7 
XE884/43         VAMPIRE T11              4FTS 
XN504/34         JET PROVOST T4           1FTS 
WH918            CANBERRA B2              35SQ (with 23MU) 
WJ731            CANBERRA B2              (with 23MU) 
TG504/G          HASTINGS MET1            202SQ 
VP255            SHACKLETON MR1           23MU 
XK149/T          HUNTER F6                14SQ 
XA637            JAVELIN FAW4             EX.11SQ 
XH960/V          JAVELIN FAW9             29SQ 
XD873            VALIANT B1               7SQ 
XL360            VULCAN B2                617SQ 
90884            T-33A                    81TFW 

XR395            COMET C4                 216SQ 
XN404            BRITANNIA C1             99SQ 
WJ815            CANBERRA PR7             58SQ 
WK567            CHIPMUNK T10             QUEENS UAS 
WP788            CHIPMUNK T10             QUEENS UAS 
WZ845            CHIPMUNK T10             QUEENS UAS 
TA634/53         MOSQUITO TT35            3/4CAACU 
XH716/W          JAVELIN FAW8             25SQ 
XH760/B          JAVELIN FAW8             25SQ 
XH767/A          JAVELIN FAW8             25SQ 
XH768/E          JAVELIN FAW8             25SQ 
XH769/N          JAVELIN FAW8             25SQ 
XH770/K          JAVELIN FAW8             25SQ 
XH880/J          JAVELIN FAW8             25SQ 
XH882/L          JAVELIN FAW8             25SQ 
XH898/D          JAVELIN FAW8             25SQ 
XH909/R          JAVELIN FAW8             25SQ 
WE192            CANBERRA PR3             23MU 
XP640/51         JET PROVOST T4           3FTS 
RF570            LINCOLN B2               151SQ 
WZ404            VALIANT B1               207SQ 
XM561            SKEETER AOP12 
XN339            SKEETER AOP12 
XA898            VULCAN B1                230OCU 
XA932            VICTOR B1                10SQ 
WR987/C          SHACKLETON MR3           120SQ 
WP788            CHIPMUNK T10             QUEENS UAS 
WH903            CANBERRA T11             TFU 
WJ610            CANBERRA T11             TFU 
TG567            HASTINGS MET1            202SQ 
XH753            JAVELIN FAW7 
WJ950            VARSITY T1 
WL625            VARSITY T1 
WL637            VARSITY T1 
XF320/4          HUNTER FGA9              229OCU 
XF383/14         HUNTER FGA9              229OCU 
XJ715/15         HUNTER FGA9              229OCU 
XK590/45         VAMPIRE T11              4FTS 
XP279            AUSTER AOP9              AAC 
XP587/48         JET PROVOST T4           3FTS 
XP617            JET PROVOST T4           3FTS 
XP663            JET PROVOST T4           3FTS 

WJ504            VALETTA C2               RAF COASTAL COMMAND 

AT 23MU: 
XA832            JAVELIN FAW4             derelict 
XA833            JAVELIN FAW4             derelict 
XH702            JAVELIN FAW4             derelict 
VP263/MOTU-W     SHACKLETON MR1/T4        for scrapping 
WB828            SHACKLETON MR1/T4        for scrapping 
WB851/C-204      SHACKLETON MR1/T4        for scrapping 
WB853            SHACKLETON MR1/T4        for scrapping 
WG509            SHACKLETON MR1/T4        for scrapping 
WG529            SHACKLETON MR1/T4        for scrapping 

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