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Lakenheath 1992

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Date: 2 August 1992

Made by: David Warren, Paul Carr, Joop de Groot

Updated: 2 January 2011

E15/7-PI           Jaguar E            EC.7 
E18/7-PF           Jaguar E            EC.7 
E28/7-PR           Jaguar E            EC.7 
267/13-PU          Mirage IIIBE        EC.13 
270/13-PX          Mirage IIIBE        EC.13 
275/13-PY          Mirage IIIBE        EC.13 
ET-205             F-16B               Esk 730 
E-599              F-16A               Esk 726 
AT-08              Alphajet            9 WG 
69278/SP           F-4G                52 FW 
69212/SP           F-4G                52 FW 
77113/CR           F-15A               32 FS 
77100/CR           F-15A               32 FS 
90248/LN           F-15E               48 FW 
90256/LN           F-15E               492 FS 
90258/LN           F-15E               492 FS 
70374/LN           F-111F              494 FS 
70405/LN           F-111F              494 FS 
72450/LN           F-111F              494 FS 
70415/LN           F-111F              494 FS 
71890/LN           F-111F              48 FW 
70448/LN           F-111F              48 FW 
70373/LN           F-111F              48 FW 
74178/LN           F-111F              494 FS 
77131/LN           F-15A               BDR 
80100/D            KC-135R             100 ARW 
82655/WR           A-10A               81 TFW 
XX760/EA           Jaguar 	       6sq (crown emblem on tail)
XX280/NM           Hawk T.1A 
XX261/261          Hawk T.1A 	       79(R)sq/1TWU
XV332              Buccaneer 
XX520/2            Bulldog T.1         CFS 
XS679/WG           Wessex HC.2         2 FTS 
ZE755/GB           Tornado F.3         43 Sqn 
ZG770/AP           Tornado F.3         56(R)Sq 
XV227/27           Nimrod              120 Sqn 
ZG511/CD           Harrier GR.7        4 Sqn 
ZG533/CF           Harrier GR.7        4 Sqn 
ZA6../II           Tornado GR.1A       2 Sq
ZA591/JH           Tornado GR.1        27 Sqn 
ZA564/JK           Tornado GR.1        27 Sqn 
XS644              Andover E.3A        32 Sqn 
XV393/Q            Phantom FGR.2       74 Sqn 
54-21261/N33VC 	   T-33A-N 	       Old Flying Machine Company

BDRT airframes:
64-0707		   F-4C		       MI ANG mks
63-7610		   F-4C		       MI ANG mks
63-7471/LN         F-4C		       48 TFW mks
62-4434/LN	   F-105	       48 TFW mks, as "70-494"
3		   Mystere IVA	       ex FAF
9		   Mystere IVA	       ex FAF
-		   F-100 fuselage      buzz number FW-2265 (crated)

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