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Portsmouth 1998

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Date: 28 - 31 August 1998

Made by: Kevin Bone, Ian Harrison, Graham Spiller


Participants noted on Fri. 28th: 
ZB676 C        Gazelle AH1        on board RFA Sir Bedivere 
XX510 LS-69    Lynx HAS2          static display in Dockyard 
XZ180          Lynx AH7           Air Display ; also noted as XZ605!!! 
XZ241 EE-424   Lynx HAS3S(ICE)    on board HMS Endurance 
XZ722 372      Lynx HMA8          to dockyard @ 14.40 
XZ727 LP-332   Lynx HAS3S         on board HMS Liverpool 
XZ731 MA-363   Lynx HMA8          on board HMS Marlborough 
ZD264 BM-333   Lynx HAS3S         on board HMS Birmingham 
ZF560 IR-404   Lynx HMA8          on board HMS Iron Duke 
ZD614 124      Sea Harrier FRS2   on board HMS Invincible 
??????         Sea Harrier FRS2   Air Display (2 very quick passes and gone!!) 
XV664 N-86     Sea King AEW2      on board HMS Invincible 
ZA134 CU-824   Sea King HU5       Air Display 
ZE422 70       Sea King HAS6      on board HMS Invincible 
ZF122 VI       Sea King HC4       Air Display 
LS326 L2       Swordfish II       Air Display 
XT761          Wessex HU5         At the back of building housing HMS Sultan display 

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