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Cosford 1980

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Date: 11 May 1980

Made by: Paul Carr


Argosy C.1           XP411              2 SoTT
Argosy C.1           XP444/8455M        2 SoTT
Argosy C.1           XR107/8441M        2 SoTT
Argosy E.1           XN816              2 SoTT
Canberra PR.7        WT536              2 SoTT
Canberra B.15        WH960              2 SoTT
Canberra B.15        WH984              2 SoTT
Javelin FAW.8        XH992/7829M        2 SoTT
Lightning F.1/3      XG337/8056M        2 SoTT
Sea Vixen FAW.2      XJ571/8140M        2 SoTT
Shackleton MR.3/3    WR974/K/8117M      2 SoTT
Sycamore HR.14       XJ918/8190M        2 SoTT
Victor B.1A          XH592              2 SoTT

Auster J/1           G-AGYK
Bulldog T.1          XX513/06           CFS
Bulldog T.1          XX558/A            UBAS
Bulldog T.1          XX669/B            UBAS
Bulldog T.1          XX670/C            UBAS
Bulldog T.1          XX671/D            UBAS
Campbell Cricket     G-AXVK             BA c/s
Dragon Rapide        G-AKOE             BA c/s
Devon C.2            VP958              207 Sqn
Gazelle HT.3         XZ941/AA           2 FTS
Gemini IA            G-AKKB
Gnat T.1             XR537              2 SoTT
Gnat T.1             XR574              2 SoTT
Gnat T.1             XR977              2 SoTT
Gnat T.1             XR987              2 SoTT
Gnat T.1             XS107              2 SoTT
Hercules C.1         XV209
Hurricane IIC        LF363/GN:F         BBMF
Jaguar GR.1          XX113/09           226 OCU
Jaguar GR.1          XX766/14           226 OCU
Meteor T.7           XF791              Vintage Pair
Nimrod MR.1          XV240
Nord 1002            G-ATBG
P.68B                G-BFVO
Pitts S-2A           G-BADW             Rothmans
Pitts S-2A           G-BDKS             Rothmans
Pitts S-2A           G-BECM             Rothmans
Pitts S-2A           G-SPIN
Provost T.1          XF877/A/G-AWVF
Stampe SV-4          G-ATIR
Stevens Akro         G-RIDE
Spitfire IIA         P7350/QV:B         BBMF
Twin Comanche        G-BFLW
Vampire T.11         XH304              Vintage Pair
Vulcan B.2           XL359
OV-10A Bronco        68-03785           601 TCW
Whirlwind HAR.10     XR458/H            2 FTS

plus 9 x Red Arrows Hawks

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