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Syerston 1959

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Date: 19 September 1959

Made by: Ashley Annis


ARGOSY                  G-APVH
BRISTOL F2B             D8096
CANBERRA B2             WJ713
CANBERRA PR7            WH802
CF-100                  18378
CHIPMUNK T10            WP781
DRAGONFLY               XB251
FREIGHTER               9698
HUNTER F4               XF979/A
JAVELIN FAW5            XA666/Z         41 SQN
JET PROVOST T3          XM363
JET PROVOST T3          XM366
LINCOLN B2              RE359/D
LINCOLN B2              SX938
PROVOST T1              WV680/22
PROVOST T1              WW450
PROVOST T1              XF884
PROVOST T1              XF909/RD
SPITFIRE LF16e          TE384
T-33A                   16520
TIGER MOTH              G-ADJJ
TUTOR                   K3215
VALIANT                 WP207
VALIANT                 XD820           148 SQN
VAMPIRE T11             XD641/49
VARSITY                 WF392/N-W       RAFFC
VICTOR                  XA928
VULCAN                  XH904

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